Liggy & Dee's Optiarc AD-7170A Modified Firmware 1.O4 Results & Support Thread

I hoped NEC might be able to lick those power calibration spikes, but it looks as if the 7170A isn’t the turnaround. Maybe next time…

The PIF spikes are annoying, but they rarely cause a problem in my experience, and not all scanning drives report them.

When I was burning with the 3550A that’s now out of a job, I wasn’t so much worried about scans showing those PIF spikes as I was about my stand-alone DVD player stumbling over them. But it wasn’t able to get by one of those 7-level spikes without at least freezing for a few seconds. After all, my player isn’t very smart and couldn’t understand the spikes were “friendly” ones.

My Pioneer burner has an NEC chipset, but I don’t have PIF spike problems with it. If Pioneer can manage to use NEC’s chipset cleanly, wonder why NEC can’t?

Again, i’ve never had a problem with playing movies on my standalone with those spikes.
Pioneer may use different optics on their drives. They certainly have a better AOPC system.

Dee, if this is a stupid question, it’s fairly rooted in my admitted ignorance of the way these things work. But is there any way of regulating AOPC through firmware?

I really hated to give up my 3550A because it did such a great job of burning, especially with your f/w, except for those spikes. If you could somehow come up with f/w that would force NEC AOPC to behave, you would make a lot of people very happy. :iagree:

Quite clear that not all drives agree that these spikes are “ignorable”…
The fact that some drives stumble on or report these spikes is indication that they do exist.
We know that different drives have built in tolerance levels to these types of “errors” but not all do.
The Pioneer drives using the same chipset have shown it is not inherent at the chipset level.
I think its plain to see that NEC has a “design flaw” at hand in their drive designs and have had it for quite some time.
You’d think they would want to address it and correct it but apparently not…

[B]Version 1.O3 released[/B]
For full details, read the included documentation or read the first post in this thread.

You can grab it [B]here[/B]

Ordered this puppy from NewEgg 2 days ago & here it is…super cheap & is already outperforming my $100+ Plextor PX-716A…nice.

Burner: NEC Optiarc AD-7170A, FW: 1.O3
Media : Verbatim DVD+R DL 2.4x @ 4.0x (wouldn’t go any higher)

Thanks to bitsetting, this played fine in all my standalone DVD Players, XBox & XBox 360.

Btw, this drive DOES support SECURE MODE (retrieving C2 error info) audio ripping with EAC & it’s FAST to boot, just thought I’d throw that in there…:slight_smile:

Excellent DL scan :iagree:
NEC/Optiarc are really back on course with these new drives IMO. And as you also found out, they are excellent audio rippers.

BTW: These new drives also read back DL recordable at 12x, which is also a very nice update from previous drives.

Yup, but my LiteOn didn’t like the burn as much, the error rate was a consistent 40-45 PI’s, even across the layer break & that darn PIF spike kept showing up at around 6 & 10.

But to be honest, I got consistent high PI errors rates when burning DL’s on my 3540A, using ANY firmware, & Litey’s the scanner, so I’m not sure what to think there, but my BenQ consistently loves NEC burns.

Just received this yestersday from Newegg. Surprisingly, the best burn was with Informe R20 at 8X. The MCC02 could only be burned at 4X. TYG02 was a disappointment

I mistakenly posted the scans to the “SONY AW-G170A(NEC AD-7170A) Crossflashing to AD-7173A” thread

No problem, moved the posts across to here and thanks for submitting them.

Dee, thanks for moving my previous post to the correct thread.

Here is the MCC03 scan, very few PIF, if you own a lot of MCC03s, get the 7170 burner.

First let me say thanks Liggy & Dee for the firmware work, this is my first
NEC drive but I have watched the forum for some time.

I must say I am impressed with my first 2 scans…

Drive - firmware: Optiarc AD-7170A Liggy & Dee’s Modified Firmware 1.O3
MID: MCC-004 Verbatim 16x DVD+R (MIT-CMC)
Burned with: Nero Cd Speed using a ISO image
Burned at: 18x
Burn time: 5:32

Drive - firmware: Optiarc AD-7170A Liggy & Dee’s Modified Firmware 1.O3
MID: YUDEN000 T02 8x DVD+R That’s for Pemium Inspection #TG001133
Burned with: Nero CdSpeed
Burned at: 8x
Burn time: 8:15

It’s nice to see so many people getting nice results with these drives. :iagree:

hehe I admit after the issues some brought up I wasn’t even going to put it in my system but hey for $30 why not?!

I am impressed so far.

More scans to come.

Thanks again for your firmware work!

Drive - firmware: Optiarc AD-7170A Liggy & Dee’s Modified Firmware 1.O3
MID: TYG02 8x DVD-R Premium Line #GG000110
Burned with: Nero CdSpeed
Burned at: 8x
Burn time: 8:16

Not my best batch of TYG02’s but looks good.

I think i know the thread you are referring too. :wink:
Most of the people in that thread are basing their opinions on NEC’s recent drives. (455x series and 457x series) a lot of people had problems with those drives, so it’s only natural that they are sceptical about these new drives. The more results i see, the more i’m convinced that NEC are back on track. Lite-On had a similar problem with some of their older 16x drives. They to bounced back and produce good drives again.

The Optiarc drives are by no means perfect. (the bootcode bug) which makes flashing the drive difficult needs sorted for example. But overall this new series of drives look very promising.

I hope you can spare some time to return to the thread in the “bargain basement” forum and let them know how impressed you are with your first results with your new drive. :wink: