Liggy & Dee's AD-7170S Firmware problem



I was having problems with RPC so decided to remove it!

I tried using any of the versions of the firmware for my AD-7170S and they all refused to play DVD’s via windows Vista. Only when I went back to the original did they start to play again. They all complained about resolution or incompatible connection (I’m using VGA and not a HDMI connection so it shouldn’t be any DRM rubbish)

Is there a problem with the RPC code? I realise they are fairly new drives - any help would be appreciated - the region coding is driving my wife nuts!


Apparently Windows Vista will not play region-locked DVDs on an RPC1 dvd drive.


Can you please explain how that effects a new drive like the AD-7170S?


It has nothing to do specifically with whether the drive is “new” or “old” (although that blog post I linked to implies that it does). Microsoft’s rationale for not supporting RPC1 drives is that after Jan 1, 2000, no manufactured dvd drive should be an RPC1 drive, and furthermore, they seem to think that any drive older than that should have broken by now. The problem with this line of thinking is that although there may not be drives being sold as RPC1, there are alternative firmwares for many drives that will make them RPC1 (such as Liggy and Dee’s RPC1 firmwares).


I see - so it’s more to do with the way Vista handles DVD Drives?


I’m going to have to look at another way round this!


I’m currently checking into this. :wink:


Ta very much!


Solution :slight_smile:
At least it works for me.
Windows Vista Home Premium 64bit

RPC1 firmware on the drive and AnyDVD. :wink:
Checked before installing AnyDVD.
Failed with Media player, Media Center and Nero Showtime.

Checked after installing AnyDVD
Works on them all. :slight_smile:
You should be able to download a trial of AnyDVD to see if works for you.


…kids are watching Cbeebies so I’ll try it when their backs are turned!


I’m not sure I see the value in having an RPC1 drive in this case because doesn’t AnyDVD do the same for an RPC2 drive? Would it be possible to implement some type of auto-reset feature into the firmware for the number of region changes?


My understanding was, the hardware (drive) must also have RPC1 for this to work, but don’t quote me on this as i have no region 1 discs to check. :slight_smile:
Regarding region reset. I’m not sure if this could be done with the firmware itself. But Liggy made a tool for resetting the (5 change limit) for people who didn’t want to use a RPC1 firmware.


I’m surprised that so many programs rely on Windows mechanisms for region checks. I think VLC should work fine - even in Vista. However their DVD support still has a lot of room for improvement :rolleyes:

Maybe it’s time to think about Auto-Reset firmwares that do not permanently store the region. However functionality is hard to check for me because I only have R2 DVDs.


If an auto-reset firmware is possible, then that would be great. I’d assume that it would be implemented in a way that wouldn’t repeatedly write to the flash memory?

Unless the behavior has changed for Vista, then AnyDVD will always circumvent the drive’s region setting regardless of whether or not it’s RPC1. I don’t have AnyDVD or Vista so I can’t help verify this. :stuck_out_tongue:


My intention was to just disable the command that writes the new region to flash memory. As far as I remember the drive stores changes in flash, but only uses a RAM value for checking.

However I hope that people don’t expect me to modify every existing firmware to make make it auto-reset. This definitely won’t happen :disagree:

[EDIT]Anyone willing to test an auto-reset firmware. If so, please let me know which firmware you want to test.[/EDIT]