Liggy & Dee NEC ND-4551A Modified Firmware V 1-X3 results & support thread

A scan with RICOHJPN R02 8x@12x and Firmware 1-Z1b

Great to hear that it is working better now with this test firmware Dee made for you :slight_smile:

Yes, thanks Dee for your work. Now I can still use those cheaps discs from the market nearby :stuck_out_tongue:

New scan with RICOHJPN R02 8x@8x

That’s much better :wink:

Sony DVD+R: Sony D11 8x@16x

At the end it goes wrong. Dee, can you explain this?

When I want to do a Benchmark with the 4551 1-Z1 it always starts at 2x instead of 6x. What am I doing wrong?

Sony DVD+R: Sony D11 8x@8x

Better :slight_smile:

Taiyo Yuden YUDEN000T03 (unbranded printable)
Burn Speed 16x
Firmware 1-Z1

A typical burn for this media on most drives

Where to buy the unbranded YUDEN000T03? how much?(£)

Good to see everyone getting along nice again :slight_smile:

All have a Happy & Prosperous New Year :slight_smile:

LOL :bigsmile:

SVP in the UK £44.95 (inc VAT) per 100 tub.

Do you need printable DVDs?

Because if you don’t need the printable unbranded Yudens, then you can buy Plextor branded non-printable YUDEN000 T03 discs at SVP for £15.50 per 50pc which is a lot cheaper than the price for unbranded printable discs!

Yes, for my own personal media i prefer the printable media. In this case they were bought for me as a Xmas present.


posted before in other threads here, but this might be interesting for the PIE/PIF Quality of the 4551A drive. ( a good review: )

a short comparison between 4551A and a udioDev SA300 DVD CATS system on the one hand and Benq 1640 and udioDev SA300 DVD CATS system on the other hand

there are also 3 other disctest (incl one DL) page for each drive too (scroll the menu on the page)



thermo silver (unlabled) original TY DVD+R 8x

at 12x

and the later 3 pics at 8x burning speed

Maybe it’s better if You make pictures “little smaller” before posting…

sorry for that

i´ll post later some original ricoh 8x branded results in a "little smaller " format

here are some scan of Original Ricoh branded Discs

at 8x

at 12x

at 16x

the 4-6x range looks not that good, or?

at 16x

Verbatim 16x DVD+R @12x

Disc is not full but the results so far are good :slight_smile: