Liggy & Dee ND-4570A Modified Firmware 1.Z2 Results & Support Thread



LD4570 1.Z2 (Liggy & Dee NEC ND-4570A firmware)

Two Versions available
Version Release Date 07/08/2006
Binflash + LD4570 1.Z2 Original Firmware
Binflash + LD4570 1.Z2 RPC1 Firmware
The firmware packages can be used with Windows, DOS, Linux or MAC. (see minifaq)
Please make sure you read the documentation included in the package.

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LD4570 1.Z2 Orig
Media speedups, strategy tweaks, full bitsetting.

LD4570 1.Z2 RPC1
RPC1, media speedups, strategy tweaks, full bitsetting.

The ND-4570A is not RIPLOCKED, so pressed DVD-VIDEO discs will RIP at 16x SL and 12x DL

Change log
Returned previously slowed down media to 16x with lowered laser power in 12x - 16x sections.
Added some new MID to the speedup list
Reduced the speed of SONY08D1 to 12x
Because this firmware uses less laser power for the media in the modified table below. Some drives and media may actually produce poor quality burns. It’s a matter of trying it and see what happens.

1.Z1 all new firmware.
The object of this firmware is to burn some of the most popular 16x and 8x media with better quality than the stock NEC firmware. In most cases this has meant slowing down some 16x media and using a Z-CLV writing method.

This firmware is only compatible with NEC ND-4570A
DO NOT try and FLASH a ND-3500, ND-3520, ND-3530, ND-3540, ND-3550, ND-3551, ND-4550, ND-4551, ND-4571 drive with this firmware.

LD Firmware Mini FAQ

Q: Which NEC firmware is this firmware based on?
A: This firmware is based on 1.02 Bitsetting firmware with version and name string changed to ND-4570A 1.Z2.

Q: How do i flash my drive with this firmware?
A: The firmware is now bundled with Liggys Binflash Unzip then run the package, now click on the FLASH button. The firmware will now be uploaded onto your drive, when completed you will be prompted to restart your PC.

To Flash a drive in DOS, LINUX or MAC. Use a current version of Binflash. Run Binflash with the commands necessary to load the firmware package. Binflash will accept either a .BIN or a .EXE file and flash your drive.

Q: What are the risks of flashing my drive with this firmware?
A: Great care has been taken to make sure your drive is not damaged in any way by using this firmware. However, you flash your drive with this firmware at your own risk. Neither I, Liggy, or cdfreaks will be held responsible if your drive or media is damaged in any way.

Q: Will flashing my drive with this firmware void my guarantee?
A: Yes, flashing your drive with any unofficial firmware will null your guarantee. If something should go wrong with your drive, you should buy a new one and not RMA the drive.

Q: Do I need special IDE drivers when running this firmware on my drive?
A Like all optical drives. It has been proven they work best when using Microsoft’s default IDE drivers. This is a must for this firmware.

Q: Why do i not get good results when i burn media on the modified media list at MAX speed?
A: This is largely down to the quality of your media. If the speedups don’t give you good results. Set the burn speed lower. This firmware will give good results at the stated stock firmware speed, without having to flash back to a stock firmware.

Q: What about media not on the modified media list?
A: All media both SL and DL not listed in the modified media table use the default NEC STOCK write strategies and speeds. If you don’t get the results you expect with media not in the modified list, this is a limitation of the media or drive, not this firmware.

Q: How do i set SL bitsetting for +R media?
A: Use CD Speed or WinBtype to set booktype to DVD-ROM This setting is remembered by the drive and only needs set once. Make sure no disc is in the drive.

Q: How do i use DL +R bitsetting?
A: Use CD Speed or WinBtype to set booktype to DVD-ROM This setting is remembered by the drive and only needs set once. Make sure no disc is in the drive.

Q: How do i use DVD+RW bitsetting?
A: Use CD Speed or WinBtype to set booktype to DVD-ROM This setting is remembered by the drive and only needs set once. Make sure no disc is in the drive.


Q: Does this firmware support the LabelFlash labelling system?
A: No.

Submitting test results
Please state the LD firmware version used for the burn, the media type (MID code) and the burn speed.

If possible burn a disc with NERO CD-DVD Speed (create data disc) and save the burn screenshot by clicking on the disc icon at the top of the window.

Also submit a (data transfer test) Using the ND-4570A, ND-4550A, ND-3540A, again saving the screenshot from CD-DVD Speed

Disc Quality scans can be submitted with NEC Drives using CD-Speed with scan speed set at 5X or 8X
Note Version 3.75 or higher is required for PI/PIF scanning on the NEC drives.

Below is some additional info from the author of CD-Speed.

(Liteon drives) using K-Probe @4X scan speed or CD-DVD Speed (disc quality) @4X scan speed.

If scanning with a Benq drive. use CD-DVD Speed (disc Quality) @8X scan speed.

NOTE We do not allow offsite linking to these files. You may also have to temporarily switch off any firewall or similar software you are running.

All our firmwares for all NEC series drives are now stored on our new website

We do NOT offer support for previous versions

PS: Before posting in this thread, please read the documentation supplied


Burn speed 12x
Firmware 1.Z1

1st scan Liteon
2nd scan NEC


Verbatim MCC 004 made by Prodisc.
Burned at 12X with 1.Z1
I compressed the graph so the PIF problems were visible. The peaks were so bad you could not see the underlying problems.


MCC004 burnt at 12x (highest speed allowed in this new firmware). This is quite an improvement over the original firmware (still not as good as my Benq or Liteon drives, but still a big improvement). Thanks, Dee!


Great News Dee…i can’t wait to get home and update my Drive. :slight_smile:

Scan results will follow…but i only have some MCC004 media atm. Can anyone post some scans with YudenT02. :wink:

Oh, i just saw, that none of the media you posted is supported with 16x…is that right? Especially the scans with YudenT02 and MCC004 at 16x speed weren’t so bad.


thank’s for the f/w :).


TDK 16x @ 12x
old burn

with the new f/w, many thanks to Dee-27 :clap: :clap: :clap:.



Is this the same firmware as we’ve tested before , just repackaged or does it have further changes?




With the 16x medias that are allowed to burn at 12x max, is this 12x strategy any different than the 12x we could select manually before?


What more do you need?


More media is now added, for the media that was already in the test firmware, the strategies are the same.

12x burns are now Z-CLV rather than CAV (as was the case before).

@vroom. Much better result. :iagree:

If you have a problem media, let me know and i’ll try and add it to future firmware.


Has NEC finally come up with a consistant scanning(CDspeed disk quality)


Just doing some scans with MCC004 media, burned with 8x and 12x speed…but i must already say, that i’m not very happy. Since MCC004 ist my prefered media i don’t think i’ll keep this firm. Although 12x burned media is much better now, i had lots scans with 8x speed that were much better. :sad:

This drive is really disappointing me… :frowning:

Scans will follow in the next 30 minutes. :wink:


Ok, here are the scans:

[B]MCC 004 burned 8x, TRT[/B]

[B]MCC 004 burned 12x, scanned 5x with ND-4570[/B]

[B]MCC 004 burned 8x, scanned 4x with Aopen[/B]

[B]MCC 004 burned 8x, scanned 8x with ND-4570[/B]

[B]MCC 004 burned 8x, scanned 8x with Aopen[/B]

[B]MCC 004 burned 12x, TRT[/B]

[B]MCC 004 burned 8x, scanned 5x with ND-4570[/B]

[B]MCC 004 burned 12x, scanned 4x with Aopen[/B]

[B]MCC 004 burned 12x, scanned 8x with ND-4570[/B]

[B]MCC 004 burned 12x, scanned 8x with Aopen[/B]

I’m still hoping that NEC will soon announce an update. :rolleyes:

But nevertheless, thanks Dee for your great work. :clap:


Good result with 12x Z-CLV. Very good work Dee, tank you so much.


Thank’s very much Dee :flower: :flower: :flower: :flower: .


OK I have applied the firmware but I can’t restart the system before a couple of days from now (the server will close).

Can I remove and replug the power cable of the drive, instead of restarting the PC? It’ll work won’t it?


You may not need to restart the PC.
Try a burst rate test. If you get 23Mbps or better, you don’t need to restart until it’s convenient.


That’s a real good question, i wouldn’t do that, i’ll prefer to restart just to make sure, :slight_smile: once i did that in my old YAMAHA 4/4/16 cd-rw, under win2k, and it didn’t work (i was forced to do that, i didn’t want to do it :() but if you try it let us know about the result. :slight_smile: