Liggy & Dee Firmware Column Headings

In Liggy & Dee’s Firmware upgrades for the 3530A; the original NEC firmware 3.01 has three columns with “download” in each of them; Orig, Fast, RPC1. Is it necessary to download and flash all three? What is the distinction between these columns? I have the same question about Liggy’s bitsetting update as it has same columns too. I’m sure all of you that have “flashed” firmware are familiar with this but I’m a rookie! Thanks.

LarryAllen, welcome to the forum!

The three columns are there in order for you to have a choice about which modifications you are interested in.

The “original” versions don’t include the riplock patch or the RPC1 patch.
The “fast” versions include the riplock patch but not the RPC1 patch.
The “RPC1” versions include both the riplock patch and the RPC1 patch.

The riplock patch (fast and RPC1 version) makes your drive read pressed DVD Video discs faster. This is good when you want to copy (a.k.a. “rip”) your DVD, but it’s annoying when you only want to play and watch a DVD Video.

The RPC1 patch makes your drive “region free”. This means that the drive will no longer be locked to playing DVD Video discs from only a single region such as e.g. Region 1 (North America) or Region 2 (most of Europe). You will still need software to make use of this, because many programs include their own region control if the drive supports RPC1 (region free) instead of RPC1 (region locked).

DrageMester, thanks for the response! The reason I’m asking is that I recently purchased (as yet undelivered) NEC ND-3530A for my wife’s machine as I’ve heard much favorable re: NEC on the whole. I’ve got a Toshiba 552 which I read little good about but works fine for me. The NEC will be used by her to perform only two things. The first is to back up her op sys logical drive to DVD via Ghost (I do this frequently on my machine as I had one bad experience that required a rebuild – no more!). The second thing that she will be doing is as a teacher she frequently uses “clips” that she makes from DVD movies; so she would be “re-authoring” as I believe its called; at any rate she would be excerpting parts from existing DVD’s. So, having said that – going back to Liggy & Dee; the seller was kind enough to include screenshots of the drive using NeroInfo Tool. The first thing is that the firmware revision is 2.10; the latest Liggy is “Original NEC firmware 3.01” so assuming I select this, I would then want to select from the 3 column offerings of “Orig, Fast or RPC1”; going back to your input re: RPC1 as “region free”, Nero Info spec’s this drive as “Region Control: RPCII/2; Region Code: Unset/None. Does this mean that I should look at using the RPC1 download to change from
RPC II(2)? Thanks!!!

If your wife needs to play or extract content from Video DVDs that are from different regions of the world then an RPC1 firmware will make it easier.

Otherwise RPC1 won’t make the slightest bit of difference.

In any case a “fast” (riplock patched) firmware will make ripping (extracting whole or parts of DVD Video discs) go a lot faster.

That works for me; “fast” it will be! Thank you for the input. Have read the documentation for Liggy’s BINFLASH; looks pretty straight forward (including backing up the old firmware!); any tidbits of advice?