Liggy/Dee any updates coming for the 7170?!

Just curious, I know a while back one of yous said there was a new firmware coming, but I have not seen it. Thanks for all your hard work!!!

Always plans for new firmware but, recently i’ve just not had any free time to work on them. However, Easter break is coming up soon, so maybe i’ll find some free time. It would also be nice if NEC/Optiarc would release a new firmware so i have something better to work with, :slight_smile:

I still have an AW-G170A firmware 1.73 plus two 7170S S-ATA firmwares that need to be worked on. But I have a lot of stress at work since a few weeks, so I rather spend my time with other things when I’m back home :o

I hear you guys, I know how it is. Maybe you shouldn’t have spoiled us so bad over the last few years, lol. Keep up the GREAT work, when you can :wink: !!!

Thanks Liggy and Dee.
But I just want to ask, can I use Liggy’s AD-7170S Bitsetting Firmware 1.00 to flash SONY AW-G170S? Since I want to change the bitsetting values as soon as I can.

AD-7170S and AW-G170S should be compatible. Usually Binflash will detect wether flashing is allowed or not.

As to your words I would try that.