Liggy And Dee NEC ND-3520AW Modified Firmware V 2.U5 Results and Support Thread



Released Firmware Version 2.U4

For full details see the included documentation or view the first post in this thread.

Download the firmware here


Improved write quality on TYG02
Improved write quality on TYG03


more testing


right as it hit 12x


Unbranded TYG03 printable
Burn speed 16x
Firmware 2.U4


Dee, how many disk’s burned since the firmware flash, in other words was that the first burn with that media after the flash?


My second disk burned after flash.


my third disk burned @ 8x yielded a 97 TYG03


That would burn 15 or 16, and the drive was flashed probably 8 or 9 times with different builds of 2.U4 as i tested for improvements.

Keep in mind, the 3.06 base firmware may not work well with your drive, and you may get better results with 2.U2 or 2.U3, which was based on 3.05 firmware.


Thanks dee, I will keep testing, of course with 3 nec 3520’s it might get confusing.


Thanks Dee :bow:

Keep in mind, the 3.06 base firmware may not work well with your drive, and you may get better results with 2.U2 or 2.U3, which was based on 3.05 firmware.

can you explain it a bit?


I will try. :slight_smile:

Within each base firmware there is some “core code” which determines how the drive “overall” should burn a disc. I call this the “burn engine” (NEC may name it something completely different). This burn engine is different with each base firmware, sometimes the difference is minimal, but sometimes the difference can be greater.

This can affect some drives more than others. My drive for example did not perform well with the 3.05 base firmware, but works very well with the 3.06 base firmware.
Some drives may work better with earlier base firmwares such as 3.05.

My 3540 drive is the other way around. It works well with an older base firmware and is bad with the latest 1.03 base firmware. I’m afraid it’s a matter of trying out the firmwares for yourself, and seeing which one works the best for your drive and media.

Just remember one thing, Newest is not always better. If it isn’t broken, don’t try and fix it. :wink:


So it’s a kind of hardware related… and i suppose you can’t tell “a priori” with a tool but only if you test each f/w…
Strange though , cause the hardware is or should be identical , but it’s maybe like cpus , some are good overclockers some aren’t.

Digital world is not only 0 and 1 values you can get also 0,5… sometimes :rolleyes:


4th disk burned(@8x) PIF total ~2000/ back to 2U3 for this drive

next disk in spindle TYG03 burned in nec 3540/1W8 PIF total 333
not my media



The 2.U2 is based on the 3.05 firmware
The 2.U3 is based on the 3.06bt_rpc1 Liggy firmware


The drives mechanically will be identical (within a tolerance limit) But each drive should have unique calibration data, and that is why i think some base firmwares will work on some drives better than others.


Cannot see any major difference… crappy media ,rather good results both media…


think u4 leads by a litle bit…
left side same data dif f/w
right side same dvd dif f/w


Datasafe Mcc003 @8x 2.U3 and 2.U4


i never had that good burns with my 3520 on mcc003 media :frowning:

it looks like a perfect burn :slight_smile:


Yeah, this drive realy likes MCC media :smiley: