Liggy And Dee NEC ND-3520AW Modified Firmware V 2.U5 Results and Support Thread



Is there a recommended maximum amount of data to try and burn onto a standard DVD?

the better the media, the closer to the edge you can write,
since I chop credits in main movie reauthor mode and only use good
media I set target size to 4400MB, I hate to get almost to the end of a film and it screw up, that’s also where the worst wear and tear shows up.

What is COF?

CopyOnFly source disk in one drive, blank in other drive, duplicate in 6 minutes

course I cheated, I use a 99QS yuden/nec 3520 for source and lg4136 with mcc03
burn QS 92


Thanks. I’ll limit my burns to 4400MB tonight when I try more test burns at 8x and 12x. I’ll post scans in the Media forum and put a link here.

FWIW, my earlier burns started to get bad at around 3750MB - not only at the very end of the disk as I approached 4480.



I hope the drive is standalone master and getting enough power


How can I figure out if the drive is standalone master? There are two optical drives in the machine.

FWIW, I get absolutely perfect burns in the 3520 using different media (Optowrite 4x DVD+R).



thx Dee, & great great work… :clap:

can u explain why 16x rated use CAV for 12x? Is it because the 16x rated burn better in CAV!?

here’s the scan of my 1st OPTODISC0R8, not bad :stuck_out_tongue:

And, I was also using Nero6 to burn a 2nd OPTODISC0R8, with bitcomit running and download speed was above 300KB. The harddisk used for downloading was on the same the channel as 3520a. Nero’s buffer gradually droped to 50%, but the 3520a buffer was quite jumpy, so the burn speed never reach 12x and jump around 4x-8x. I think some improvement can be made by increasing diskcache of bitcomit, am i right?


OK guys. Good news. I figured out the problem.

Problem #1: I had an old version of the firmware. Now I am running Liggy’s 3.06+bitsetting firmware.

Problem #2: I was trying to squeeze too much data on the DVDs. I was burning 4480MB. Based on rbrtpl’s advice, I am now limiting my burns to roughly 4400MB.

I ran three tests of burns with 4415MB at 8x, 12x and 16x. All three came out really good.

8x scan:

12x scan:

16x scan:



quality burn :slight_smile: @16x


Well guys I wouldn’t even waste a TYG03 trying that with my new nec 3550!
It’s downright too ugly at 12x much less 16x.

Firmware maturity. ???


Can anyone give me some comment on my scan?

post: thx :slight_smile:


Got a big problem with RICOJPN R02 in 2.U3 at 8x. Burns perfectly with 2.U2 (also 8x).
First scan shows 2.U3, 2nd scan is 2.U2.
Both disks carry the same data and I also used other disks from the same spindle. Always same results, so I reverted to 2.U2.
Anyone cares to comment? :confused:


CMC MAG AM3 burned at 16X
any comments? is not consistent with the results here


Absolutely Crap Burn With INFOME R30 (Philips 16x Rated Media)

Burned @ 16x

Any id why its so crap? and @ end so good then ?


bad media?


Weird the end is nearly perfect, and @ 8x its perfect also


Taiyo Yuden Unbranded TYG03 DVD-R 16x (76)
Nec 3520, 2.U3 FW.
Create data disc @16x.
This batch doesn’t seem to burn as well as my older batch of (73) but still a good 16x burn IMHO.


Datasafe white and silver, rated at 8x ID TTH02 Burned @ 16x

NEC 3.06 Firmware

V 2.U3 Firmware


Liggy … or Dee any update on 3520 firmware ???
you both have spoilled us so far …

Thanks anyway!!!


I cant use nero From 1U5 firmware do u know anything about this problem.


Make sure you are using Microsofts default IDE drivers. Other than this, there are no reported problems that i can recall.

Work is in progress for 2.U4, but this may take some time.


Speaking for everyone , i think , we 'll be waiting… :slight_smile: