Liggy And Dee NEC ND-3520AW Modified Firmware V 2.U5 Results and Support Thread



And this is what my Liteon 16P9S thinks about the same piece.


I’m not sure why my drive is doing this but it appears as if its reading at 32x on DVD’s… (doubt thats normal :stuck_out_tongue: )

No idea what might have changed to cause this, it never did it before…


At this point, I want all your opinions if i should just rma this drive?

Verbatim DVD-R 16x … First disc burnt at 16x, all others burnt at 8x
MCC 03RG20

I’ve also tried the default official 3.04, 3.05, same crap. Huge pi spikes.


Fuji 8x +R @ 8x

Almost every disc i burn has a failure like that, or a failure at exactly the 1gig or 1.5 gig mark.

Could it be a power calibration issue?


Verbatim DVD-R 16x Advanced AZO


I’ve seen those kind of results far too often myself. I’ve got TYG03s 16x -R Taiyo Yudens that have the exact same kind of results, spikes at the beginning. They also skip through the first 30 seconds of a movie when recorded on the discs. I’ve tried the same media in my Pioneer 109 and my girlfriend’s NEC 3540A without experiencing this proble. The 3520 simply isn’t the best drive for -R media, at least not 16X CAV media. I’ve never had issues with +R media though.


I have to agree with Poppa Meth
I tend to only burn 16x -R media at 12x max on this drive. The 3540 and 4550 seems to handle -R with ease at 16x.


I get the same kind of results on yuden t 002 +R also, would that mean this drive is just shit?


No, it means your trying to burn an 8X rated media to fast :slight_smile: Remember, not all T02 media is created equal.


… dude this all happens to me even at 4x! :frowning: – it just seems far too coincidental that -r/+r at 2/4/6/8/12/16x seems to be doing the same thing.


After regularly getting spikes around the 1GB mark with RICOHJPN R03s I got a spindle of TYG01 serial GD000321 and when I burned the first disc at 4X and scanned it, the TYG01 looks worse than the Ricohs

I made a test disc with CD-DVD Speed 4.10 and scanned that, its slightly better but the spike is still in the same area, and the Total PIFs seem high for Taiyo Yuden

What does this mean, why are the spikes always around the 1GB mark


Do you have access to a different burner you can try the media on? If there are no issues that way then yes I’d RMA the drive just to be sure it isn’t the problem.


Do you have another drive to scan the disc’s with? Maybe they burn ok, maybe your drive just doesn’t scan well.
Lastly, not that it matters, i’m not a dude. :slight_smile:


What would cause this? And is this a good burn?
All my ricoh R01’s do this


Sorry mate but that burn is terrible.


yeah i scanned the disc’s in a benq 1640 and they still show up like garbage.

also, the dude part was not meant to differenciate between male or female, just the same – thank you for your response. :slight_smile:



Could you scan that same disc with your Liteon drive?


DVD+R (YUDEN000 T02) cdspeed410 TestDisk @ MAX=16X / 5X 8.00ECC :


the cdSpeed scan posted above is typical of the kind of results that i get, on average, regardless of firmware type or version, with my ND3520AW.

this particular ND3520 drive has been in heavy use since purchase, oh ~6 months ago… having ripped and burned many hundreds of CD’s (Exact Audio Copy software) and DVD’s (AnyDVD cracker; 1ClickDVDcopy+CopyToDvd software), always using TAIYO YUDEN 100-spool CD-R’s @ 16X and TAIYO YUDEN 50-spool DVD+R’s @ 6X.

in general, i find the ND3520 to be a better “burner” than a “ripper”. After all, the NECs are what, ~$50. buck EIDE internal optical drives {grin} about what it costs to purchase and deliver a coupla spools of Taiyo Yuden media.

the ND3520 does NOT like HEAT. i recommend that it be mounted, whenever possible ~ with an air-space around it; and preferably ~ with “shock mounts” rather than rails and/or screws -through- sheet metal: at the very least, drill out the metal mounting holes in the chassis sheet metal and use grommets ~ this to not only suspend the drive mechanism in its mounting, but also TO ISOLATE the OPTICAL DRIVE from the P/S and MOTHERBOARD/CPU COOLING FANs VIBRATION.

the ND3520 responds well to periodic CLA = Clean, Lube & Adjustment; fwiw, i do this after every ~50 Rip & Burn cycles. this is easy to do; the trick ~ if you have never done this before, is to open the drive tray before you power down your PC… then the front face-plate unsnaps with little effort, and six phillips screws later you are looking at the internal mechanism.

i use 99% grade alcohol and a Q-tip to gently clean the little laser jewel, the same swab cleans the steel rails. i use the other side of the Q-tip to apply a (very) thin film of white grease to the steel rails and as well the non-metallic gears, rails of the drive tray ~ remove all excess.

by “Adjustment” i mean, download and >FLASH< the latest Hot Rod NEC firmware from Liggy&Dee, Herrie, etc… for whose efforts i am forever grateful: Thank You! We are all so lucky to have them, and this forum sandbox, in which to play.


Typical Rip DVD-ROM @ MAX & Burn DVD+R @ 6X sequence in ND3520 2.U3 :