Liggy And Dee NEC ND-3520AW Modified Firmware V 2.U5 Results and Support Thread



Bump. No one?


wondering the same thing myself…


I tried this on just a couple of burns and they were real bad. I switched to Liggy’s version that just added bitsetting and it seems to be fine.


Datasafe burned @8x


Burned this at 8x is this an okay burn??


it’s kinda decent… maybe it’s fake TY, because they should look much better…


Weird burning at 4X made my results worse… These were bought from Will using the last disc be okay or should I reburn?


whever you post a scan, state the burn speed, and have you tried scanning at
other speeds, best to go with whichever speed gives you the best scan as you may be graphing read errors, not burn errors.


Hmmm I thought I did. The first picture was burned at 8x and the last one was 4x. 8x gives better results than 4x it appears. I was doing the disc quality read at 8x on both tests.


dang I just burned a 8x Maxell Japan (MXL-RG03) at 4x and this is the result I get when scanning at 8x. What is going on here. This media is supposed to be some of the best… Is my drive starting to fail or do I have to many processes open when I burn maybe?


did it happen with more than 1 of those discs? it’s probably just a bad one-off…


Ritek: platinum plus label written at 8x


please, others, scan at 5x


I dunno. I am going to burn another soon and this time I will close down all other apps so only the burner software is active.


HP 8x burnt at 8x. :frowning:


Memorex 8x burnt at 8x. :sad:


TEON 4x burnt at 4x. It’s the same Philips c08 media as the Memorex 8x.


I’m no expert on these things but… Maybe the Ritek was ok, but… the rest of those burns don’t look like good burns to me :-S


Thanks liggy & dee for this great firmware.
Once again, YOU ROCK! :slight_smile:


Here are some results of Tuffdisc 8x Media (Fake TTG02, real bad quality)
Not too shabby!



Dee is your website down? downloads not working :disagree: