Liggy And Dee NEC ND-3520AW Modified Firmware V 2.U5 Results and Support Thread




What improvement does 3.07 have over 3.06?



for those who didn’t see it yet !!!

the new Bitsetting firmware is on liggy & dee’s site :slight_smile:



well, that’s great, but… should i pick this over 2U4 ?


New Firm 2.u5 possible or never new firm ?


Dee/Liggy, do you have an opinion on which dual-layer discs work well with the 3520 and this firmware? After owning this drive for more than a year, I’m finally ready to take the plunge and buy some DL discs.


At the moment, only Verbatim DL discs can be really recommended. But I think this does not depend on the drive.




HI all ,sorry my bad english possible new firm 2.U5 or never ??? :confused:


wait and see :slight_smile:


All right


[B]Firmware version 2.U5 Released[/B]

For full details see the first post in this thread.

[B]You can grab the firmware here[/B]


thank’s dee :slight_smile:


Thank you Dee :flower: :clap:




Thanks good work :bow:


Thanks Dee


bad @ the start, good @ the end !
this needs some improvement :slight_smile:


burned @ 8x


Thanx for the new firmware Dee.


Is it realy an improvement over 2.U4? Since it’s based on another drive’s write strategies it may be not as optimized as the 2.U4, or are my thoughts wrong?