Liggy And Dee NEC ND-3520AW Modified Firmware V 2.U5 Results and Support Thread



Downloads for this drive and some others have been made available once more.


Mechanically identical but not physically electrically identical. Early drives will most certainly have differently fabricated chips to later drives of the same model, even if the chips bare the same name.


Here’s my results with unbranded non-printable Taiyo Yuden 16x DVD+R (YUDEN000 T03).

Write speed: 16x


Write speed: 12x


Write speed: 8x


all burned @ 12x, 2.U4 firmware, all transfer rate tests were perfect, so i didn’t bother attaching them:

unbranded hub printable tyg03
verbatim mcc004
verbatim printable mcc03rg20

mcc04 burn was a little odd (although this may be normal, i’ve always been a dvd-r person. figured i’d try some +r’s.) started out CAV, then switched to Z-CLV.

mcc03rg20 started out a little rough, but that seems to be par for the course from some other scans i’ve seen.


is it possible to implantate nec´s new high speed 8x writing?


If you re-write the firmware/strategies, maybe.


but who is able to do that?


awesome! does that also mean that you’ll continue your very valueable work with firmwares?
btw. 3.07 is out, is it worth trying ?


NEC maybe?


will you release a version of 3.07 that supports bitsetting dvd+r?



but i think they will not do that, because they will sell there new drives.


I think I will - once I have more time again. Unfortunately I’m quite busy these days.

I just said that NEC might be able to do it, I never expected them to actually do it :wink:


:a :iagree: :rolleyes:



:bow: :clap:

like I have said before, you make nec’s better, too bad they don’t do it themselves



Thanks Liggy, without you my NEC is lost… :bow:


any news about bitsetting? :slight_smile:


Love my Liggy and Dee Nec 3520 firmwares, used since I first got the Nec…
Can’t go on without bitsetting :sad:

Many Many Thanks to you Guys and Dolls for your great work :bow: :flower: :clap:

Looking forward hopefully ( :iagree: ) to a new 2.U5 based on the new Nec 3.07 firmware.

PS: I speak for many others as well…


thx Liggy & Dee …

love your works ever since I got my 3520A, burned over 200 disc, still works great… due to the location i’m at, i can only get OPTODISCOR8 or CMC MAGE01 at a fair price.

With them burning at 12x, I found out that only the 12x area produce a bit more PI/PIF, but still well within limit. I’m just wondering is it possible to use 10x in the end instead of 12x? If so, may be you guys can create the 10x burn choice for burning!??