Liggy And Dee NEC ND-3520 Modified Firmware 1.U6 (Beta 6)



LD3520 1.U6 (Beta 6) (Liggy & Dee NEC ND-3520A firmware)

Package contents
Binflash + LD3520 1.U6 (Beta 6) Firmware
LD3520 1.U6 (Beta 6) firmware BIN file for DOS, MAC and Linux users
Binflash + LD3520 1.U6 (Beta 6) Quiet Firmware
LD3520 1.U6 (Beta 6) Quiet firmware BIN file for DOS, MAC and Linux users
Please make sure you read the documentation included in the package.

LD3520 1.U6
RIPLOCK REMOVED for fast DVD ripping

LD3520 1.U6 QUIET
RIPLOCK enabled for quiet DVD playback on your PC. Please note, this will only playback slow on pressed DVD’s. DVD-R and +R media will still play at full drive speed. This is a feature of the STOCK NEC firmware.

Both firmwares share the same strategy edits and speedups.

A Big thanks to Liggy for making his patcher compatible with the ND-3520A drive.
Thanks to TDB for the RPC1 patch
This firmware is only compatible with NEC ND-3520 and IO-DATA rebadge
DO NOT try and FLASH a ND-3500 or rebadges drive with this firmware.

All new base firmware
All new Custom Strategies

Some media MID’s have been slowed down in this firmware to increase write quality.
Full media table included in the documentation

LD Firmware Mini FAQ

Q: Which NEC firmware is this firmware based on?
A: This firmware is based on MD16 firmware 1.F3 with version and name string changed to ND-3520A 1.U6, with Bitsetting with riplock removed and RPC1

Q: How do i flash my drive with this firmware?
A: The firmware is now bundled with Liggys Binflash Unzip then run the package, now click on the FLASH button. The firmware will now be uploaded onto your drive, when completed you will be prompted to restart your PC.

Q: What are the risks of flashing my drive with this firmware?
A: Great care has been taken to make sure your drive is not damaged in any way by using this firmware. However, you flash your drive with this firmware at your own risk. Neither I, Liggy, or cdfreaks will be held responsible if your drive or media is damaged in any way.

Q: Will flashing my drive with this firmware void my guarantee?
A: Yes, flashing your drive with any unofficial firmware will null your guarantee. If something should go wrong with your drive, you should buy a new one and not RMA the drive.

Q: Why do i not get good results when i burn media on the modified media list at MAX speed?
A: This is largely down to the quality of your media. If the speedups don’t give you good results. Set the burn speed lower. This firmware will give good results at the stated stock firmware speed, without having to flash back to a stock firmware.

Q: What about media not on the modified media list?
A: All media both SL and DL not listed in the modified media table use the default NEC STOCK write strategies and speeds. If you don’t get the results you expect with media not in the modified list, this is a limitation of the media or drive, not this firmware.

Q: How do i set SL bitsetting for +R media?
A: Use CD Speed or WinBtype to set booktype to DVD-ROM This setting is remembered by the drive and only needs set once. Make sure no disc is in the drive.

Q: How do i use DL +R bitsetting?
A: Use CD Speed or WinBtype to set booktype to DVD-ROM This setting is remembered by the drive and only needs set once. Make sure no disc is in the drive.

Q: How do i use DVD+RW bitsetting?
A: Use CD Speed or WinBtype to set booktype to DVD-ROM This setting is remembered by the drive and only needs set once. Make sure no disc is in the drive.

Submitting test results
Please state the LD firmware version used for the burn, the media type (MID code) and the burn speed.

If possible burn a disc with NERO CD-DVD Speed (create data disc) and save the burn screenshot by clicking on the disc icon at the top of the window.

Also submit a (data transfer test) Using the ND-3520 or ND-3500AG, again saving the screenshot from CD-DVD Speed

Disc Quality scans can be submitted with (Liteon drives) using K-Probe @4X scan speed or CD-DVD Speed (disc quality) @4X scan speed.

If scanning with a Benq drive. use CD-DVD Speed (disc Quality) @4X scan speed.

You can download LD3520 1.U5 firmware here
You can download LD3520 1.U6 firmware here

We do NOT offer support for previous beta versions

PS: Before posting in this thread, please read the documentation supplied

For our NEC ND-3500 firmwares. View this thread

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Will burn a ricoh r02-03 right now and test


Thanks Dee-27 & Liggy for this new firmware. I hope that the version number will not conflict with a to be released original 1.05 from NEC itself in the near future.


Here’s the RICOHJPNR02-03@16x 3520LDb3



Thanks For the new FW, I Hope it will be as excellent as the former.


Beta 3 CMC MAG E01 (Philips branded) Burned at 12X


I’ll be submitting some -r scans soon, I did want to comment that I couldn’t get any of the modified firmwares to burn an acceptable 8x disc on RICOHJPNR01, it seemed like the pc couldn’t read them back. I just burned a RICOHJPN-R01-02 (the last +r media I had on hand) with this latest beta, and the booktype, readability, everything seems solid. I’m a happy camper once again :-). Thanks!


TYG02 (Fuji MIJ) burned @ 12x with beta 3


I just want to add that RPC1 may not be working 100%. I just checked for changes in one of TDB’s RPC1 firmwares and tried to apply the same patches to this firmware. On first testing everything looked fine, but I cannot guarantee that this patch will work as expected.


I’ve just succesfully flashed my drive and everything seems to be working well.
However I’ve got an G5 mac and to submit test results I’d need some tool to test with :confused: anyone know of an application I could use??




x16 for RICOHJPN R02 is too fast IMHO


Thxs a lot guys.


thanx dee


Damn, how can I upload the screenshots I made?


Just read the review and saw Dees post of a SONY 08D1 was hoorid [BENQ Media not at its best me thinks]. Heres a branded SONY08D1 at 16x on LDb3:


INFOME R20(Philips Branded) @ 8 Speed


YUDEN000 T02 (FujiFilm) @ 16 Speed

Looks like its too fast


man those YUDEN T002’s a look almost the same as mine with the beta 2 firmware.Think I’ll try and find some Ricoh JP02 around here.I’ll post some new Ritek -R 05 soon.


4x verbatim dvd-r