Liggy And Dee NEC ND-2510A Modified Firmware 2A5C Results And Support Thread

LD2510 Modified ND-2510A Firmware Version 2A5C

You can download it here

RIPLOCK removed
RPC1 Patch
Full Bitsetting on DVD+R/RW/DL

This firmware is based on Liggy’s 205cbt with full Bitsetting support

-R media
RITEK G04 > 8X
ProdiscS03 > 8X
MXL RG02 >8X
Added RITEK F1 @8x

All RITEK R03 >8X
All DAXON AZ2 > 8X
Prodisc R02 > 8X
CMC MAG F01 > 8X
All RICOH JPNR 00 > 6X
MBI PG101R03 > 8X
Added Ritek R05 @8x

More MIDs will be speeded if there is a demand.

You will need Binflash to flash this firmware. Download Binflash here


Thanks Dee and Liggy! :bow: I already tried the Bitsetting version from Liggy, working great! Now it’s time to flash again :slight_smile:

Verbatim DVD+R 8x MCC 003

Never got high spikes with this media, but i think the problem is my Liteon DVD-ROM, tomorrow im going to scan it on a Nec 3551.

Thanks for the continued work with older drives :slight_smile:

Thanks Liggy and Dee!! I will post scans of my burns later, thanks again!

Now the scan on a Nec 3551. No sipikes… so it must be my Liteon DVD-ROM not reading as it should. But it’s still strange what happen before the 1GB, never got it with this Verbatim DVD+R 8x discs, maybe i need to defrag my hd. Im going to burn another one to see what i get.

Thanx, Liggy and Dee for your great job

55degrees :bow: :bow: !!

Thank you for this firmware.
I installed it, and riplock was removed. (the 205d wasn’t) :slight_smile:

Im only getting 8x on CD-DVD Speed read test, shouldn’t i get 16x with a DVD+R booktype to DVD-ROM…?

BTW, that’s a TDK DVD+8x MBIPG101 R04, tomorrow i will do a quality scan.

Today i had the chance to scan another Verbatim DVD+R 8x MCC 003 and the TDK DVD+R 8x MBIPG101 R04 from my previous post with 2 diferent burners, a Nec 3551 and a Aopen DUW1616L. The MCC 003 is almost the same on both burners but there’s a HUGE diference on my MBIPG101 R04 scan :confused: . In which scan one sould i trust…? Nec 3551 or Aopen DUW1616L…?

Liggy, i have a nec 2510a flashed with maddog 2.f9 fast. what is the differance with your new 2a5c
i’m new at this stuff and have added a benq 1655 also and bought some verbatum 16xs

Wow. Thanks for your hard work supporting a not-so-new drive!

I flashed the new fw onto my 2510A and had no trouble setting booktype etc. I definitely appreciated the absence of riplock.

I do notice that with the Ritek D01 +R DL media, I now have a choice. I can burn to completion with ImgBurn under either 2A5C or 205D. But with 2A5C, the verify always chokes right on the layer break; with 205D, it hangs in until 97-98%

I know that Ritek media have a dubious reputation lately, and that Verbatims are preferred (I have some on order)…but the behavior is reproducible, so the difference seems to be in the firmware.

So, is this new 2A5C fw intended to support the D01s? Any idea why the difference in verify behavior compared to the 205d? It’s all somewhat academic for me, since I’m burning dvd-video and the discs appear to play fine (both layers) on my OPPO standalone regardless…though I doubt I’d trust these media with crucial backups.

There shouldn’t be a difference in DL writing because all these firmwares are very similar and the DL part should not have been changed at all. :confused:

Liggy, or Dee… need your opinion. On the scans i posted above (post 12), should i trust on the Nec 3551 or the Aopen DUW1616L? (i think this Aopen is a Liteon…)

AOpen is not LiteOn and I cannot tell you which drive to trust.
I prefer trusting my NEC 3540 scans @ 16x more than scanning with a LiteOn 1693 @ 4x - but that’s just my personal opinion.

Well, now that I’ve embarrassed myself :o , you can disregard that last question and its entire premise. I burned 3 in a row that choked at 50% verified with 2A5C and then 3 more that made it to 97% with the 205D. I thought that constituted reproducibility…but naturally, as soon as I posted the above, I promptly got a layer-break choker with the 2AC5…and then fairly random (crappy) behavior from both of these fw and MadDog 2F.9 with the D01’s. All burn, all fail the verify somewhere between 50-98%. :a

So, it was the ritek media after all…they just plain suck. :rolleyes: I thought the video I’d burned was OK despite the verify problems, but on closer review, several of them freeze about 2 min. before the layer break, then jump to layer 2. That’s on my standalone; my NEC has an even harder time with them, and fails to recognize at least one of them.

I’d ask how they stay in business, but I already know it’s b/c of schmucks like me who can’t pass up a “deal”. UPS, y’all hurry up with my Verbatims!

That is strange. Sounds as if your LiteOn reader still recognizes the disc as DVD+R and limits the speed. Does this also occur with discs burned with the Maddog 2.f9 firmware?

hmm good question, im going to test that…