Lifting the voice off a track



Evening all,

Does anyone know of any software that will take the audio off a cd and just leave me with the backing track?

I’ve tried things like music morher gold but it isn’t very good at this function (make kareoke function)

I also have sony sound forge 8, I would think I can do it from this but i’ve got no idea how to. :doh:


in sound forge : process>channel converter>stereo to stereo - vocal cut (remove center material) and play with the settings.


Eliminating Vocals Interesting read!

cheers, katzz :slight_smile:


Many thanks Katzz,

I’ll give a try :slight_smile:


theres a vst plugin called voice trap , that works with sound editing programs that supports vst plugins like wavelab/soundforge 8 ,it works great , the best imo , but of course you cant always have your way , voice can be reduced almost completly but cannot be fully removed


Cheers to all,

I’m off to try your suggestions I will let you know how i get on :slight_smile: or not :frowning: lol

Hope you all have a good day


Sup, it’s tough to lift the vocals leaving only the music. It’s best with songs that have no bass, you get a clean cut instrumental of the song. I do the opposite, lift the beat/instrumental off a track to get the vocals. I mix music, that’s why. :smiley:

Adobe Audition and Soundforge are the best out there for it. (Center Channel Extractor)