Lifespand of your buened DVD media



I did some re-scan of the Mitsubishi(三菱化学) DVD+R i burned about 3 years ago. below is the result.

attached image: DLG131_burn071024_scan100503.PNG
Disc type: Mitsubishi 8x (ZD-3596)
Burn using: PIONEER DVR-112 (6x burn speed)
burn date: 2007-10-24
rescan date: 1010-05-03

i am sure that when the time i burn the max PIE is around 4 to 8. The PIF has unchanged.


other then this result posted, i also scanned disc i burned 6 months ago (Mitsubishi 16x burn at 8x) and the result was very bad, with max 40 PIF at the end of the data track(4000MB<) (usually less then 3).

so in my estimation, i think the old 8x disc may only survive for 10~15 years and 16x ones around 5~10 years.

so how your’s result?
I think after we have a few result in this thread, maybe we can start compare and discuss on what is the best way to store and transfer the data “physically”.


The scan doesnt look that bad to me.