Lifegem Diamonds

The LifeGem is a certified, high quality diamond created from the carbon of your loved one as a memorial to their unique and wonderful life.

One of the most popular questions is, “How many LifeGem diamonds can a family choose when they’ve lost a loved one?” The answer is many, in fact, more than 50 1ct. LifeGem diamonds could be created from one individual.

Very sick and its cheaper to just buy a diamond. :eek:

But what’s the fun in that?

:eek: hmm wonder what i would look like as a diamond :eek:

Since you’re pure, I’d say you’d look stunning! :slight_smile:

:o :o ty :stuck_out_tongue: how sweet of you :iagree:

Actually it is very practical. To compress deceased into diamonds spare space for the rest of us! And they’re shiny :iagree:

just a waste of money.

You can’t take the money with you when you’re dead.

But now you can become some.


Ok not THAT funny, but not bad.

so wait, these are artificial dimonds? they are kinda pointless 'coz diomands are only so expensive/great 'coz they are rare, if factorys can just mass produce them they will be worth piss all.

  • ben :slight_smile:

Yep, They can and are already producing man-made diamonds. Have been for 3-4 years now. They all have to be laser tagged so that they aren’t passed off as the real thing.

yeh i know, but im sure that “underground” diomand producers will “forget” the lazer tagging and sell them as real dimonds :wink: , i saw a documentry and apparently with some of the new ones it can take a 2 hour test to tell a genuine from a man-made. so would be well worth it for the diomond makers. but it is kinda like printing money… it only works if you do very little, if to many people do it is fu*ks up the enonomy.

ben :slight_smile:

Pure like a glass of milk with chocolate syrup :stuck_out_tongue:

At any rate, there is this whole thing in the bible about being buried intact, for the day you are resurrected. I’d like to see these diamond people get up & walk around :wink:

Can see it… in ten years, you can put your dead relatives in your new rubber tyres! Woot! God comes along to resurrect you and…“Wooot! I’m the michelin man!!!”.

Maybe if you really miss your wife when she dies, you can have her re-incarnated as a geronimo (old style condom)…that way, when ya get jiggy with a new girl, you can re-enact the whole thing with your beloved wife at the same time.

How old are you again?
I don’t know any14yr old kids who know anything about economics, let alone understand the concepts behind theories of supply & demand :eek:

Most kids can almost get the gist of, if I make more of these, I’ll get more money when I sell them :wink:

thats just a sick idea

Yes, I’m so glad I wasn’t the person who thought up that one. :bigsmile:
My workmate had been nagging me to post it for about 10minutes before I let him have the keyboard, and then just fixed up the typos :stuck_out_tongue:

you people have little imaginations - you could immortalize the family pet! a piece of sweet corn! that damn dog of your neighbors that keeps you up all night! imagine!

im not saying i wouldnt not sell them if i had the ability to make them… and in the UK we have a strong economy with a very low inflation rate (i think its about 5%) so it wouldnt worry to much. plus the UK economy is worth something like £5 trillion so it would take a lot of fake diomonds to kill it :slight_smile:

plus the worlds diomands enonomy is something like £30 billion per year, so i doubt De Beers would suffer :slight_smile:

  • ben

anyway my dog just found a patato and is eating it i havnt a clue where she got it from.