Ok this thread is just a thread to let loose on your pet peeves or beliefs and ideas about every day life.I don’t want debates or auguments .And not really want a answer but to let off any pressure you have.

I find getting old suxs and sometime hurts,but beats not being here, I love the flowers and the smells ,the colors.Here some may get mad but I don’t believe in the good book and the church ,and i’m just being truthful.thats not to say I don’t believe in GOD because I do believe there is a GOD, how else can create the earth with the flowers and cell animals with complex systems.
I just don’t believe in a book created by “MAN”,and a church also created by “MAN”.Man has change the book to fit his needs and create a church to fix his ways of living,why all the different nomination.If god wants to strike me he will but if he’s a loving god he won’t I’ve done no wrong.I treat other people the same as I want them to treat me.I’ve givin more stuff away to people that need it more than me and don’t want anything in return.,I’m thankful for what I’ve got…you know i 've written this thread 3-4 times and never posted it but I’m gutten for punishment.


I’m to old to care to much on how I look anymore ,it doesn’t get any better ,what you see is what you get .I always hated shaving so a couple years back I quit .There was a guy at work , a little short guy and his beard was as long as he was tall,but he was cool.Now being on myce I meet up with “Bob” and seen his beard,his is cool ,last I heard his daughter had him talked into shavin don’t know if he did but with this PD I have the shakes gave me the exclude to quit shaving, so it’s pretty long now.
Anyway I love listening to music wish I could play something but can’t even think about it with the PD I’m half crazy in the morning I get the crawlly with it feeling like spiders crawling up the back of my head ,goes away after a while than I can function.I hope you understand why I have to write something here.I hate what S.S.has been going through and I’m lucky my crap isn’t as tough as hers , and I hope she recovers it’s a b…


Do you wake up bright eyed and bushy tailed or do you wake up half a sleep and take 2-3 cups of coffee to wake up.Do you wake up and wait for your brain to get out of the foggy mist some where in your skull.the brain is a funny thing ,one side takes control of the opposite side of your body and the other half takes care of the other side…If you lose part of one side you may lose your present memory and can only remember the pass and just the opposite if something happens to the other side.Stroke victims are hurt more because if they lose par of the brain for memory they just won’t understand why ,why can’t I remember ,I remember 10 years ago ,How can a person go from being healthy one day and goofy the next.–ok thats my peve for the day


Getting old is no disgrace but it sure is mighty unhandy. I’m in the same boat. Old with severe RA and a very bad back. I can’t do hardly anything with out a lot of drugs, the nerves to my legs are pinched and they go numb making walking very hard to do sometimes. But I can watch the grass grow from the green side of the ground and happy for that.


Hey Ivan I feel for ya I to have the numbness down the leg that goes into your foot,‘bummer’ isn’t.Sounds like your’s is alot worse ,I still walk but it kills me to do it.I’'ve typed this post twice I have this twitch every once in a while it will twitch and I’ll have erased a hole paragraph,so I quit and wait a while and start all over.The only thing about watching the grass grow in some bodys got to cut it.:bigsmile:


Overall I’ve been blessed with fairly good health. I do have some back problems from pushing around vehicles manually. Also my teeth have always been a problem. With age I find I do tire easier . I never was a
" wake up bright eyed and bushy tailed " sort.

[QUOTE=marloyd;2621792] I don’t believe in the good book I just don’t believe in a book created by “MAN”,and a church also created by “MAN”.Man has change the book to fit his needs .[/QUOTE]
I believe the original texts the Bible was written from were directly guided by God. Man was only the instrument . Think of it as God at the keyboard & the man writing as the computer & the “paper” as the screen.
The men who wrote the scriptures from the old testament to the new testament had no choice or control over what they wrote.
I believe God directly wrote the original ten commandments on stone tablets.
Men have taken some liberties in translating but I believe God directs this. Most translators are believers so will not stray too far off because they fear what God might do.
I know that law has gotten out of hand but the basic laws are Bible based . Otherwise there would be only need for “the law of the jungle”.
In other words I take what I want if I’m strong enough to do it.
No moral laws because there would be no reason to be moral . Since there would be nothing that was wrong . No punishment in the afterlife .
God is what keeps some men from doing just that,

[QUOTE=marloyd;2621792]I do believe there is a GOD, how else can create the earth with the flowers and cell animals with complex systems. [/QUOTE]
Since you believe this & I’m going to expand on it. God created the universe both the material one we can see at least a lot of through science. Telescopes ,etc. There is also a spiritual universe . Heaven & spiritual beings we can’t see. Both God & the good angels live there .
Then there are Satan & the other fallen angels that also live there but outside of heaven. Maybe in hell .
Both can enter the material universe to do good or evil.
If you believe God created these universes then why not believe God directly controlled the scripture that has been written?


Don’t trust Man,religious leaders over time have changed the text to suit them and there is no proof they haven’t,even the kings and lords of yesterday made sure it favored them in one form or other.Who to say there’s no one old enough to tell what it was, they had the Bishops and priest in there back pockets.If they didn’t conform off with their heads.Now a day priest made a job for them self out of pushing donations and drive Cadilacs.
people are starving to death and look at the huge chapels and churches ,there huge.
I don’t knock any ones faith it just how I feel ,I’'m closer to God in my garden than any church ,I make peace with him anywhere.
Your a good person Cholla and when I go fishing with my buddy we don’t talk religion or politics.


Well here I am 4:30 -5 o’clock can’t sleep been awake 2-3 hours ,got a new keyboard doesn’t help my spelling any…
guess I’ll take my meds try to mellow out ,Just checked the weather …conceit of looking out the window and checking the themometer-26 degrees and no snow on the ground…good sign.I stoppped here to say if I have any double letters is not because I’m such a bad speller a least not the full cause but it’s because I have this trigger finger that works extra hard to fowl any thing I do.It’s a pretty finger ,I tried to cut it off with a chain saw once,cut it to the bone so now it curves, try to point out a direction with it.oboy. Well back to the twitching finger ,my arm twitching started years ago “left arm” thaats when I was told I have PD here in the states it’s called Parkinson’s Disease,I was told it means something else in France so I hesitate using the PD unless it the presents of a non french takes extra time to sit and correct every thing I type.
Well now’s the time to make some decaf coffee and get my show on the road,at least walk out and go get the newspaper out at the road.


marloyd ,I think it’s good that you feel close to God in your garden .
I’m not concerned that you become a member of any denomination or even go to a church .
My concern is that you don’t believe the Bible is God’s written word to us . That would mean you don’t believe Jesus is the son of God. That he was crucified , entombed , & resurrected from the dead . That after that he ascended into heaven to become king of God’s kingdom. The various denominations of Christians may word that some differently but it is the central doctrine .
If you check into the translators gathered to do the king James version of the Bible I think you might be less skeptical . I’ve watched a good documentary on this & read about it as well.
The Catholic church fought any translation into what was the “common” language. They wanted to keep the Bible in Latin so mostly priests could read it. They changed their position on that when they began to lose members.
I guess you can tell I’m not Catholic . I’m not sure but I don’t remember even having a conversation with a priest much less any one higher in the Catholic church. I’ve been to a few Catholic weddings & funerals but that is about it.
I don’t think the Catholic church had much if any influence on the KJV . Since they opposed it being done. I’m not sure why they thought that Latin was OK since the original text is in Hebrew & later Greek ( Aramaic).
For fishing I’m usually a quite fisherman at least till I hook a good one . Then back to quite so I probably wouldn’t discuss much of anything except moving to a new spot if the fish weren’t biting.


Everyone can argue about religion,getting older etc…
I myself make jokes about it sometimes,and sometimes
some people get offended by them[ the jokes] It’s better
just to accept life as it is. Most of us were created by the
love our parents had for one another. My view is enjoy
all you can get out of life,and when we come to the end.
We will all get an answer one way or another.:iagree:


I agree with you Zap, and cholla and me aren’t arguing we both are friends and I new my friend would have something to say, I may have egged him on a little,I don’t know what I expected when I started this thread,I just needed an outlet for my frustration.In my head i’m still in my twentys but not so and last year I blew a bicep muscle pulling a rotor tiller out of a shed , I tripped coming out and pulling with one hand and trying to protect my self from falling and popped the dang thing so that made me lose 75 percent strength in that arm I can still use it but it’s not the same .No we’re not arguing at least I don’t think we were.
Cholla and I were raised in just about the same time or era,we remember Roy Rogers and Daniel Boone ,John Wayne you name it we remember.


No argument here . I don’t feel I argue about religion. I discuss.
I refuse to get mad but it is beyond my control if someone else does.
That is unless I control by just shutting up.
I also knew marloyd would not get mad about discussing religion .
According to his profile marloyd is 3 years older than me . When you get our age that isn’t much.
Too bad about the arm marloyd. Maybe some kind of physical therapy would be good.
Like a light dumbbell .
I know just a couple of months ago I just reached over in the car to get out a gallon jug of water. I must have did it wrong because it took two weeks for my back to feel normal . Then after that I helped move a metal desk ( out of a house & into a pickup) with no problem. It was an old heavy one about 300 lbs . So go figure.


Cholla I know the desk metal heavy,no I work the arm but it has balled up half close to the elbow and the other half up by the shoulder.I said before how the brain works well the muscle in behind the arm does the work now but the brain still tells the bicep to move and it can’t ,it just makes it feel heavy all the time .weird and balls up( it has attack to the bone but balls up trying to work) Hey you work with what you got.
I still want to lift 200 lbs but not today.


Life suxs sometime, seems unfair but there has to be a plan why else are flowers here for us to enjoy and smell the different smells between plants and color so beautiful it brightin the sky .
I want to stop and praise the hospice nurses they are the most giving people in the world they help where they are needed and aren’t giving the praise they deserve , they are the life line for millions of people in their need.They took care of my father so he could go in his own home with his family ,he got the quiet and relaxing he needed.that a hospital doesn’t have. ( he smoked and drank coffee up to the last day)


Boy I know what you mean about in your head you are still in your 20s. On nice days using a rider mower it takes me 3 days to edge,weed eat mow and clean up my yard. At one time it was a 3hr job, with a push mower, if I took my time. About 3 years ago I was at Home Depot and they had a nice 16in gas powered chain saw with case on sale for $100 and I bought it. It is still in its case never used, I just can’t handle it. It’s the same with tools I still buy them and can’t use them. The young women still look like I need to flirt with them till I look in the mirror.LOL


Boy Ivan isn’t life great ,I burn wood in my garage and I’m running out of wood ,well I have enough for this year but haven’t cut anything for next year ,as you know that stuff has to season …The weather has been nice here up until today it’s back to 7degree and 3inches of snow.I know what you mean about tools I got some I know I can use but know it will take a lot out of me to finish a job so I don’t tackle it.I’m stripping a bench to stain and refinish but my arm gives out so I peck at it a little at a time.My be by spring.


I know, it took me 4 hours to do a repair on the car that shouldn’t have taken more than 30 mins at the most. My hands just wouldn’t work right or would start cramping.


I need to use the chainsaw to cut down an old dead tree I just haven’t got too it yet .
So far thank God I can use it . I’m just a little younger than marloyd & I think I saw you post your age G_Ivan Awfulitch if memory serves you are about 10 years older than me.
marloyd , Dish has had both Roy Rogers & the Lone Ranger on one of its channels & I’ve been watching some of them. The RR ones are the series ones with Pat & Nelly Bell his Jeep. Bullet Roy’s dog too.
My family used Hospice for both my grandmother & mom . They were a great help for the most part.
One male nurse kept pushing hard for us to give mom morphine on a regular basis. This is not what my mom said she wanted preferring some pain to being out of it. He went as far as calling in the staff psychiatrist & a social worker . Accusing us of withholding morphine when mom wanted it. They were going to take her from home by force I think but mom maintained that we were doing what she wanted.
As they say one bad apple . The rest were great.


That’s the way it goes cholla all it takes is one bad apple and there got to be one in every crowd but on the most part the service they do is worth a million bucks.You know working with sick people every day.


Noone makes it out alive.
This my montra.

I have a wonderful gift, I have a timeframe to know when my time is up. I do not regret my life choices, I do not fear the upcoming events. I have a wonderful relationship with the Almighty. Just remember i love each and everyone of you guys and pray when your appointed time to depart gives you the same non fearing assurance I have.