Life Without The internet

This is gonna hurt real bad, on the 21st at 10am my foneline will be terminated and transferred to a new place to live. An instant problem as arisen and that is the foneline at the new place has been out of service for 6 years so they don’t know if it works(BT being my telecoms provider for the past 7 years know full well about this problem) They won’t even T/F my ADSL link either, so that is costing me £58 for a cancellation fee by as I haven’t fullfilledmy 12 month contract!! Excuse me but if the government have decided the place where I currently live is being changed into a hostel for homeless people, then did I make the decision to leave? Here is the worse part, the new place is almost by the exchange(well 5 mins walk and you would be there) BT will not confirm wether the line will support ADSL. I made 3 fonecalls and on each occasion they tell me we can transfer your fone no to the new place, then plug your fone in too see if it works(man what a contridiction, they already told me the line is dead) So I will have no fone either.:frowning: Here is a point some of you might know and others may not. I changed my fone no 3 times since being with pipex and not once has it cause me problems, so all this crap your fone no is tied to your ISP is a load of rubbish as if it was then I would have lost my connection. I foned up when I changed it the 2nd time and they had no answer.

I got 9 days left and then 7 days to see if BT can fix the line, a further 7 days to see if it can support ADSL if so then a further 10 days while the line is activated for a 1meg link. (33 days in total???) So first my car was wrecked by a reckless driver and now no internet access.:frowning:

you dont have to pay them anything for cancellation of the ADSL. You are moving say to them “I don’t want to cancel it, I want it transferred to the new PHone number” If they say they can’t transfer it tell them your not paying any cancellation fee because it’s their fault you can’t have it. Why should you or anyone have to pay because they are too lazy to fix a PHone line

Some good news, BT very kindly did a check on the postcode of me new address and it will support up to a 2meg download, but they still need to do a preliminary check on the line as the postcode doesn’t really provide an accurate test, it just means I live within the ADSL radius. So I will have too wait as the service as been disconnected for a long time and an engineer at no cost to myself will fix or install a new line.:slight_smile: But if that line won’t support ADSL and living only 5 mins from the exchange I will contact OFTEL the governing body over BT. If all goes well a 1meg adsl link should give me awesome results, but that has yet to be tested :frowning:

8 days left before disconnection, I will be back :cool: at what point I cannot say.:frowning:

Greetz all the same - Intercept:D