Life UHD not working correctly!


Second try with Life UHD. AACS copy protection was successfully removed! It looks much better for the moment and I will start ripping to Hard Disk. Ripping was completed successfully. BDMV, CERTIFICATE and UHD! folder are on my Hard Disk. Will burn everything to 100GB Verbatim Disk and test Complete UHD on the Panasonic UB900.


Test was successful. Copy works flawlessly. :heart_eyes:


Thanks for the report @hanneslan83, much appreciated!


Will continue work with more UHDs. :wink:


Update October 13th: Copy ist not working correctly! There is a lot of white noise in the space scene at the beginning of the movie. :scream: This error is 100% related to the incomplete removing of the AACS copy protection. And furthermore the whole picture is not clean and crispy as the original copy of Life UHD. So I will tell this error to the DeUHD support team for research!



Hi Hanneslan83,

what program did you use to burn ? Just regular Nero?or is there any particular program require/


others reporting rip issues. i too am having an issue with guardians of the galaxy 2

it has at least one audio dropout in first 30 mins. have not watched sho,e movie but it will also not remux into an mkv using mkvtoolsnix. gets to maybe 40% and fails wih a parsing error

ripped two more. trying them later

most of what i have should be supported but is not. they need a way to better identify which versions are actually supported and a way to provide them details for support

cool stuff - hopeful and glad to support

will try re rip of guardians later


I think the issue is that there are about 20 different versions of every disk, different regions, languages, rentals, 3 disc package, single disk package, all have different AACS 2.0 keys. So while my copy will work, yours might not.


The method of identification needs to be better. Heck, even if a UPC code could be used for retail discs.

With respect to submitting unsupported disc information it would be useful if they implemented an automated submission feature that grabbed the log file, AACS folder, etc, 7-Zipped them up and submitted the data. This should be user-activated and require the user to give permission, of course. The 7-Zip standalone console is already included during the installation, anyway.


I think all the UPC are different so thats a great idea DrinkLyeAndDie


Then there are the Extended Edition Disks, they also have a different key, so we do need more information on what disk to buy.