Life span of a DVD + R

Have ANOTHER newbie question.

I have seen several posts on the life cycle of DVDs…one thread stated kodak had 100+year because it is more expensive…

Does the price of the DVD have any relation to its life? Do all DVDs last the same amount of time?

If they dont, how often do you back up your info on DVDs? Every couple years?

Thx in advance

Hey there Tempus ,

The lifespan of a cd-recordable is relatively short , because it is affected by Ulra Violet radiation , the acids in your hands , environment and various other minor things.

Some (Dutch) research showed , that if there is not enough protection , the data gets deteriorated within a couple of years.
Especially for the ultra-cheap recordables. There have been lots of troubles with low quality recordables as well. (I do believe CMC magnetics is one of them).

DVD Recordables have fairly the same process ; Crystals get heated and form a 1 or a 0 (Not entirely true , but let’s assume for the sake of argument).

So , if there is little protection , there is lots of deterioration. I’ve already got a DVD+RW , which i can’t format anymore.

I have no idea what the average lifespan of a DVD is though , beause i don’t know which manufacturers make them and if there are quality tests.

But if you keep your DVD’s out of (sun)light and humidyty , you can have quite a longer lifespan than an average VHS tape. I think 5 to 10 years minimum.

I know there has been a lot of opinions going around about this subject, and yours is the one that makes sense to me. I really cant see DVDs lasting 100yrs like some companies “estimate”

Thx again

I have seen companies that advertise their media with a lifespan of a hunderd years. I’m curious if this is for the material of the media or the data which could be stored on it :smiley:

it would probably have to be the data stored on it. i can’t imagine why anyone would care that the disc sticks around for 100 years while the data goes bad in 6 months.