Life shouldn't be this hard. I need 47N9.CVT?



I’ve searched and it is always missing. Even the people who say they found it won’t say where. My understanding is it is the only way to flash the 1620 to the external firmware. If there is another way, let me know. All other versions I have tried, even with WinDWflash say drive not supported.



Take 47L9.cvt.rar to crossflash and then use the official 47N9 updater. Btw., using 47N9 is a bad idea. It does not support scanning anymore.


Thanks. I just figured out there was a round-about back door way to do it. I don’t need scanning, I am just looking for up to date write strategies. BTW, just so I don’t pull out my hair when I need to, what will be the best way to get back to B7V9. I already found two ways that don’t work.

Thanks again. I was wrong, life is this hard.