Life past DVDShrink - what are you using?

I admit, its been a while and i’m way behind in the game, but i would like to know what freeware is out there that handles todays current encryptions – like dvdshrink did so well before they stopped updating the software



Me too!

This is all you will ever need using a program called RipIt4Me as the frontend tool to DvD Shrink and DvD Decrypter for removing copy protections. FixVts is used as well.

The link at the bottom leads to 4 guides using the following software programs.

DvD Decrypter found here

DvD Shrink found here

FixVts found here

RipIt4Me found here

To proceed through the guide click on the green arrow. The guide is great for new people because it shows everything visually just wait for each page to load.

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Using DVD Rebuilder Pro. Partly because I can get it to take advantage of dual core and I can use CCE Basic for the transcoding.

I use RipIt4Me/FixVTS to get the stuff ripped to my hard drive, and I still use DVD Shrink sometimes to process things after the rip has been done, though Ulead DVD MovieFactory 5 has a lot of great features at a low price.

DVD Fab Decrypter sometimes does the trick, but not as well as RipIt4Me, it seems.

works like a charm platinumsword. much appreciated.

Your welcome.

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Ripit4Me took two of the best programs ever made for this purpose and made them like new again. :iagree:

Two programs?

DVD Shrink and DVD Decrypter.

Oh - I get it. Cause of RipIt4Me you are able to use DVD Shrink again, cause it takes care of the copy protection.

Been a little brain dead tonight, what with watching CSI and Shark and all…

DVD Shrink is one of my fave all-time apps, and even though I like Ulead DMF, I still go to it first before just about anything.

The link for the animated tutorial on how to use RipIt4Me has changed

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Uh oh. Monster House is screwing up the works already. Anybody else?

I guess I would try using DVDFab Decrypter if RipIt4Me doesn’t handle Monster House yet. Hopefully an update will come soon to help get that title archived for ya.

Since this post RipIt4Me,FixVts have had updates. Are you using the most current?

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Both DVDFab Decrypter and RipIt4Me are constantly updated and free. Just how cool is THAT?

I updated to the current and like magic, [I]Monster House[/I] has no issues now. Too cool.

You mean the current version of RipIt4Me?

Or DVDFab Decrypter?

Thanks, and glad it works. :slight_smile:

Your welcome.

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