Life of a burner?

i would like now whats the avg life of a dvd burner !

i have a sony dru 800-a and have burned 100dvd’s so far on it ! (i dont read any over it , just burn)

i would like to know how many burns per day/hr is okay for the safe side !

and if there are some ppl here w/ much more more ! burns on their burner?

Ultimate, I don’t know what the avg. life of a burner is, but I have read that 1000 burns is a reasonable expectation. That number may be higher, but I can’t be sure beyond what I’ve said here.

So far, I have only searched and found one person saying 1000+ with an NEC (here).

I estimate I have burned 700 to 800 on my NEC3500AG and it is still burning like new. Even better now with latest L&D firmware. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

depends on your burner many users have burnt 1000s of discs with a burner dust/moisture is your main enemy as for how many per day when i first started duplicating wedding dvds i had 1 pioneer writer and it was used nearly all day aprox 30 dvds a day at 4x sometimes 3 or 4 days a week
i now use multiple burners to save time i replace my writers every 2 years of heavy use
usually give to friends as they still work

30 dvd’s x 3 days = 90
90 x 52 weeks = 4680

That amount is not unheard of at all. Of course, if one is burning 30 minute home movies versus 120 movies there may be some difference in life of a dvd burner.
Still, it is really hard to put a definitive number on it IMO. It is similar to asking how many miles one will get from a car… ie. how long will a car last.
However, as myke has shown, generally IMO, one should get a lot of “mileage” out of a burner.
BTW, People often times think their burner is dying because they are having a problem burning. But, in reality it is a DMA setting or something else that is the culprit in their burning difficulties.