Life (Length) of a DVD+R

I like to archive several important documents into a DVD+R (RIDATA).

Do you know what the life length of the DVD+R are?
Meaning, how long will the content be retained in the DVD+R?

It depends on how you store the DVD (humidity, temperature, illumination), but Ritek says that its DVDS can last up to 30 years. I would assume this is in dark storage at cool temperatures (10-20 degrees) and moderate humidity.

i’m in desperate help i got the nero oem suite cd today and in the installing process i put in the regeristration number and the next button won’t come up and let me finish installing the cd what do i do???

You need to start your own thread. If you hit the back button once then look at the left hand side of the screen you will see a button that says new thread but since im feeling good today i will do it for you.

If you use verbatim datalife disc you can get upto 100yrs,

Nobody really knows. For important documents, you should burn multiple times on different brands of high quality discs for best security.

Burning anything important only once is just asking for trouble.

Yes the disks might, but a way of reading them might not anymore! :stuck_out_tongue:


And now you know why I still do my photography on film. :wink: