Life is important



I forgot to add this to the other “something is important” thread.

What will you do if you are aware that you are going to stop to breathe and think while the rest of the world, at least most of the part in the current form, will go on?

What will you do if your closest companions whether it’s friends, parents, spouses, sex partners, pet animals, offsprings, or anyone else suddenly are sentenced to death regardless of the cause or intention (if there is) and it will be only a few days or a few weeks to face it?


Um, lemme see.
If I was dying. I’d divorce my wife to minimise legal/financial obligation. Take out a HUGE loan and drink myself to oblivion, go for trips around the world, disney land, the pyramids, South America, (all the incan ruins) and generally everything which looked cool :slight_smile:
I’d certainly Die with a :bigsmile: on my face. Nothing better than being happy :slight_smile:

On the other hand, if it was the other way around, I’d probably want to spend as much time with them as possible :slight_smile: Take them out to romantic dinners, and lots of other cool stuff, just so they know how much they are loved.

Methinks having sex with many partners would be the ultimate insult to your partner.


If i knew my life was about to end , i’d make it as less painful/troublesome for my relatives/friends/etc as possible first.


Hopefully I never have to face this question in reality.


Death is depresssing. I better go drink another bottle of moonshine.


If the cause of their deaths hasn’t happened yet, IE murder/poisoning/infection with nasty diseases / radiation/ etc.
Methinks I’d take out some loans and get the fuck out there with my relo’s in tow :wink:


Hmmm, what a happy thread! That’s was exactly what I needed right now to cheer me up.

Death its just a part of our lives. I guess none of you was afraid of dying before he was born… So why bother?

Live your life to the maximum.




Well, quite frankly, If I knew that dying was all part of the deal … I’d still do it all over again :wink:



Steal a Ferrari. Rob a bank. Something fun.


Die in prison!

What a fun you should have there, with all the convicts drooling at your ass.


do most cdfraks have a god, i do


sorry cdfraks, i mean cdfrEaks