Life Is Good

I tell you what life is good in computerland. My computer runs flawlessly and it never breaks down. I like to burn cds and dvds. I like nice ladies that are cheerleaders and model types. I guess life could even get better. How many of you each day think about the drudgery of life going to and fro? Each day is good to me as I take one day at a time. Let me know how you start each day.


Opening my eyes

And NO coffe before that???:confused:

Trying to smash several alarm clocks to pieces.

I start each day by…throwing back the covers…swearing at the clock…then kicking the dog off the bed…opening my eyes…and heading into the kitchen for some coffee…:slight_smile: after that…its all puppies and bunnies…:slight_smile:

Yeah, life is good and then you die!

yeah i try to wake up in the morning, but have lost faith in getting up, so my cat is the alarm clock and works well

/me rolls over, snuggles the significant other … eventually leading to disappointment as I have to tear myself away from the embrace in order to roll out of bed, hitch the horse & cart & drag me to the bathroom.

Wake up, attempt to ignore alarm, attempt to smash alarm, downstairs, coffee.

I instinctively try not to hurt my 21-month-old baby who often slowly moves towards my arm and head while sleeping. Next thing to do is of course to find out whether to wake her up for milk feeding and diaper change.

Life is Good = Officially from LG

If its time for diaper change it would be obvious with the old smell function… :slight_smile:


At my age - just the event of waking up - is a sure indicator of good things to come that day-eh!

ok this morning…woke up…realized i’m still sick…and its raining…pulled the covers back up…and went back to sleep…tried again after lunch…

Well, I’m bouncing off the walls again today. I really have to stop using ‘V’ as an alternative to actual sleep.

I’m beginning to hallucinate at work. I swear I’ve fallen off my chair several times today, no laughing … but then I wake up and wonder whether any of what I remember about today actually happened :slight_smile:

Of course, I remember when all this will happen again :iagree:

Sounds like my average weekend.

shadow i think you just woke up when you wrote that post

but i like to stroke myself in the morning. :iagree:

i just try to get up in the morning, but each day is a challenge…knowing i have to go to work…someone get me out of my job i go insane