Licensing fee's with certain blu-ray codecs

from wikipedia article on blu-ray

The choice of codecs affects the producer’s licensing/royalty costs…

I am a looking into producing HD content to be put onto blu-ray, so I am rather concerned at that comment. So far I have gleaned that there are three blu-ray supported codecs: H264/mpeg4AVC; VC-1; mpeg2. Where can i find information on the associated costs on using these and to whom must i pay for the right to do so?

As far as I know, fees related to Blu-ray disc production applies only for commercially made BD-ROM movies where they use BD Logo which means their products comply with BD specs and products. If you are burning blu-ray video to BD-R or BD-RE discs for family event, wedding ceremony or similar events, you don’t need to worry about fees.
From FAQ:

[B]I am a wedding/event video photographer and shoot the HD pictures and burn on BD-R/RE discs. Can I apply for Logo Licence Agreement (LLA)?[/B]

If you burn to R or RE discs, BD Logo is not permitted to use. The reason is BD-Logo is basically used to communicate to the consumers that the products having BD-Logo is complying with BD Specification and compatible with other BD Products.

In case of contents burn on to BD-R or RE discs, there is no way we can assure the compatibility /quality of the disc.

To communicate to your customers that the disc is a BD disc, you can either use a word “Blu-ray ™” in plain letter on the label or you can design your disc, so that BD-Logo on the original blank disc is visible to the consumers.

You may use “Blu-ray ™” in plain letter in your website/printed materials to publicize that you are providing your services using Blu-ray format.