License upgrade possible?

I always used the portable version,but now with the latest beta,there is no portable version.
While searching the website for it,I found out that I’m not complying to the license agreement :o:o

The use of PORTABLE version requires a license for Hard Disk Sentinel Professional.

This 1 is covered

To fully utilise both the installed version (to get real-time 7/24 protection) and the PORTABLE version (to diagnose hard disks in different systems), separate licenses or use of a Family license (with both versions) is required.

As I only use the portable version,I thought I was covered to put HDS portable on a pendrive to periodically check ALL my harddrives…:o
I don’t intend to install HDS for realtime protection,but it would make me feel better that I get the proper license for moving the portable version around here…

What are my options?Is there an upgrade price available for my scenario???

I don’t have the answer to your question but Janos the author of HDSentinel has always responded to my questions. Hopefully he is still monitoring this forum.
He seems like a nice guy.

I will e-mail him.:wink: He will respond asap. ( I bet):wink:

Hi Roadworker,

Sorry for the troubles with the different versions.
Usually the beta (test) versions are available in installable version only.
Now the Portable version made by the latest 4.40 Pro and it is available from:

If you had a previous (Portable) version, just replace the files on your pendrive from this archive to use the latest possible beta Hard Disk Sentinel Professional Portable version.

Generally if you have a license for Hard Disk Sentinel Professional, you can decide if you prefer to use the installed OR the Portable version.
The installed Hard Disk Sentinel Professional is connected to the actual system - while the Portable is connected to the pendrive and can be used to diagnose any systems you prefer.

If you prefer to continue using the Portable version only then you’re fine and no need to upgrade the license of course (because the license is lifetime in general, never expires and allow lifetime free updates for all future verisons), but if you prefer to have both versions, then yes, an upgrade is required.

Usually the best method is to consider Hard Disk Sentinel Professional Family license. It allows installation of Hard Disk Sentinel Professional on up to 5 computers - or from this 5, it is possible to use one or more activations with the Hard Disk Sentinel Professional Portable version.
So with Hard Disk Sentinel Professional Family license, it is possible to

  • install the software on 5 computers
  • install on 4 computers and use 1 pendrive with the Portable version
  • install on 3 computers and use 2 pendrive with the Portable version
    and so.

The upgrade is possible any time for users of any version of Hard Disk Sentinel, just send an e-mail to with the current version and the version you prefer to upgrade and the special upgrade link will be sent quickly.

Problem solved by Janos…in a more than decent way!!!:bow::bow:
You sir,are a star!:clap::clap: