License Question



I’m just about to buy CloneDVD and AnyDVD from Slysoft. But I was wondering:

  • Does Elby/Slysoft allow use of this on 2 computers? Or would I have to purchase a seperate license for each computer?
  • Also, does anyone know when the cdfreaks discount will be coming back? I was running thru the order process on 18 Aug, and the code had expired (not sure why…maybe the difference in timezones), so I put off purchasing the products until there was another code. My trial is nearly over now, so it’s time to buy it. If there’s another code coming soon, I’ll wait until it does come, so I can save $10.



I also had that question as I have 2 computers. Sly told me if it was for my own personal use they did not have a problem with it. IE: Don’t share the software with others.


Cool, thanks. =)