License number issues

I have attempted to load Nero on my new Vista system, and it gets to the serial number entry screen, and says my entry was incorrect. I have attempted to get help from Nero - and their support is either way overworked, or is miserable.

They state that my license/serial number IS CORRECT, but it still isn’t accepted. I’d SURE like to get this going…

Anybody got any answers??



Are you using Admin right to install the program? And also you never mentioned what version you have?

Make sure you are using one of the last two updates for Nero 7, since they are the only ones that are supposed to work in Vista.

Are you copying and pasting the serial number, sometimes some digits look like others.

Thank you for the responses… :bow:

Yes, I am installing as admin. For the time being I have disabled UTC.

The version I am adding is - which is the latest one that I can find.

I was cutting and pasting all over the place… You shoulda seen the stack of shavings all over the floor… :Z

Then I was told by someone to enter it manually because there could be bogus data in the cut and paste, but that didn’t work either.



How are you entering the number–productSetup?

You might check the registry to see if you can enter it manually, if you are up to that!!

After all the cab files are “listed” and it tries to get me to add more “junk” to IE., it offers to let me enter my name/company and serial number. That’s where.

Well, I entered it every way but loose…with the same results.


Actually, the nero site mentioned above is about “finding” your serial number in the registry … AFTER you have installed. I can’t get installed.

If this is your first attempt to load it, you should not even have to enter a serial number, just let the one in there allow it to install.

Did you download the update or trial version from the website? I think they are the same, but there still could be some differences.

Yup. It’s my first attempt - but - it doesn’t accept the default one either.

I think I’m using a trial one this time. I had full before, but had the same problem. :frowning:

The only Nero version that is compatable to be used with VISTA is version 7751 and with right S/N then you should not have any problem.

Yup, that’s the version I’m trying to use, and nope, it doesn’t work.

I’m wondering if it would help to reload Vista? Thoughts?


What are the first four numbers in the serial number? Just curious if you have the right type of serial number.

First 4 -> 1C82