License key link/AnyDVD

My computer crashed awhile back and I lost my AnyDVD program. Can anyon send me the link to unlock/reactivate the program. I have the license key and password. Thanks.

You only need to download & install the newest AnyDVD version from
You can reactivate it with your keyfile. If this doesn’t work, I suggest you should contact SlySoft customer support.

I have lost the license key for anydvd and clone dvd. Worst yet I can’t find my backup.

Currently they work fine. I am wondering if and how I can backup my registry for these programs so that if problems do arise. I can restore them.

Thi info was posted by Olli in another thread.

The CloneDVD registration key is stored in
HKLM/Software/Elaborate Bytes/CloneDVD/Key

The AnyDVD registration key is stored in

Use Regedit to navigate there and backup them (Export in the menu)

Thanks again, I posted in both places because it concerned both programs.

Olli, you’ve been a great help so far. I won’t bother you much more, I promise.