Licence price ? too high?

even if I am pretty sure most of users ( at least 40% ) use a illegal key, I am curious to have your feedback about the price of the licence, and what you would like to see , if you care about taxes to be included or not in the final price, the renew price.
major version price against 1 year free upgrade policy … etc…

where should i look if i want to buy blindsuite in Holland??

i use the demo’s once in a while…and update it when other versions are released.

I don’t have suggestion for this country



lol…then i have to look in germany (i live near the border)

yes the best if you want to save money …


thank you…does the “mediamarket” sell it in Germany??

yes I think… but maybe problem of stock.
otherwise you can buy clone master 4… it is a blindwrite under a different name.

hmm…but it has support from you? and does it accept updates from you??

i will look for it

(ps…do you read pm’s???)


Originally posted by damiandimitri
(ps…do you read pm’s???)

damian [/B]
Nope he doesn’t … or he simply denies receipts.

(ps…do you read pm’s???) ??? means ?

well, for the updates yes… but there are tips to upgrade from blindwrite web site.
the best is to obtain a blindwrite box for sure.


(i pm about something in other thread which i talked about with him)

but i understand…he must get 10000 attempts of pm’s

i wil hunt the blindsuite down in Germany…

pm=private message…send you one…but it is not that important

Lapinou you’re pulling my leg right?

PM = Private Message sent from one user to an other, accessible from ones profile button … :wink:

BTW, you’re doing a great job with BW, keep it up. Comments (may it be bad or good) comes with the job, no reason getting furstrated and losing ones temper about it.

(edited a bit a post of yours in another thread - i am sure you would do it yourself anyways)

I don’t read them indeed… but I can be contacted on messager or icq on request from cool users.

i think i know which words you edited…lol

better this way


do you have German websites with blindsuite…perhaps they can tell me where to buy a copy/



damn…a pity i am not cool…lol

email me … quite easy to find my email and offer your msn/icq contact

german :

thank you

(pm was about trying to calm you down a bit…but you are already normal again…lol)

could you explain me and other users why your license is 10 euro more expensive then some other companies who sell blindsuite?

cost of payment processing are different, marketing choices, the box are out dated… etc…

i c…thank you