LibCrypt burn success eludes me!

I’d sure appreciate some wisdom from the Guru’s that be. Trying to burn PS2 CD game(not DVD, it’s Tony Hawk Pro Skater 4.)

  1. Had Messiah 2 installed and verified PS2 works with copies(yes I paid someone to install it, forgive me!)

  2. Installed Lite-On LTR-52246S, a three sheeper.

  3. Installed region patch(USA) and read/burn profiles provided through this excellent forum.

  4. Used ‘Copy CD’ in CloneCD4. Used ‘LibCrypt’ profile. No errors reported. Burned onto Sony CD-R 74 minute, part number CDQ-74CN.

Doesn’t work! What am I doing wrong? Somewhat of a newbie though I think I did my homework. Should I switch to Alcohol?(no, I mean the program, NO, not AA, the… oh the experts know what I mean!)

I have your drive, its only a 2 sheep burner:(
Yes, saddens me too.

I have had the same problem, can’t burn a PSX1 game properly. tried different media, and tried diff burn speeds, all with libcrypt profile in CCD4.2.0.2

Game works fine in epsxe emulator on my PC, but, to no avail will my PSX play it. Maybe the mod chip is messed up.

I dunno.

I have had success with my old samsung burner in CCD and now the new 4.x dont cut it. How can that be?

what version PSX2 have you got ? my old version 3 doesn’t play CD-R’s even though I have a messiah fitted have to stick to
DVD-R for backups

Isnt the original Tony Hawk Pro Skater 4 on dvd?

To clarify I’m trying to burn a PS1 CD and play it on PS2. Original works fine.

Well I can buy CD copies that work, I just can’t burn my own. I’ve tried CloneCD4.2.0.2, just won’t work in my PS2 with modchip. I tried Nero Burning ROM, same result. I even tried Alcohol 120%, in fact used it in combination with ClonyXXL2.0.1.5 and R!co’s Alcoholer4.0 interface, a really cool free app that sets every option for you so you can’t go wrong!

Alas I conclude it’s not the software, it’s the hardware. Who has had success in burning PSX backup CD’s that work on a PS2/modchip, and WHAT burner are you using?

(I may have to repeat this question on the ‘What’s the best burner?’ forum. Wish there were a PSX forum…)

Any other hints from you burning wizards? Do I have to use 74 minute or 80 minute CD’s, does it matter?

The 52x Lite-on cdrw is reported to be a lousy sub-code reader and libcrypt is about the last protection still using sub-codes.

If you have another reading device, try making the image with that.

Whoa, Philamber! Thanks for the reply, it was your writeups on overcoming copy protections that started my enthusiasm! :bow:

It’s waning just a bit based on my lack of success upto now, but at least I’m learning a lot. Being a newbie I just discovered ‘Reviews’ and sure enough there’s the 52246S review telling me I shouldn’t have bought the damn drive since it won’t do what I need. Carrumba! And then there’s the Plextor Premium review stating it does it all. I guess I did NOT do all my homework…

A reply came from ‘Plimo’ (I think) saying that DVD backups work. What drive are you using?

[@ Captain Laser - see my post immediately above. Although posted after this one, it’s been inserted above it in the thread. Teething problems with the new server and forum clock I suspect… philamber ]

Try reading with your Tosh dvd (a good sub-code reader) and then writing with the Litey and make sure you do both at low speed (the laser in a psx isn’t all that flash). Also make sure you use high quality media (e.g. verbatim data life plus, mitsui gold). Should work.

pioneer 117 dvd-rom for reading and a pioneer 105 dvd-rw for writing, read speed doesnt seem to matter but only write at 2X max (you can try 4X if you have got a fairly new PSX2) but you may have to write at 1X if you have an old PSX2, PSX2 lasers are rubbish, and only use good quality media, ritek seem to be ok, the best way I have found for checking media quality is to play an original game and listen to the sound of the laser reading the game disc, then try the same game using your back-up if you have bad media there will be a increase in noise from the laser trying to read the disc, whereas good media will result in little or no increase in noise…

Plimo, thanks for the info!

Philamber, I tried slowing to 1X on the Tosh but in practice it won’t do less than 4X, and it just isn’t working. I assume it’s the read causing the failure, is there any apps out there that can verify the existence of subchannel data in an image file?

I’ve learned that subchannel data is properly read by few drives, you have to get the right drive! Funny thing that ClonyXXL lists LibCrypt as only 3 skulls, everyone that has responded has had trouble backing it up.

The drive is the key, and the Plextor Premium appears to be a winner according to the reviews. This is for CD backups only, meaning PSX games and a few PS2 games(most PS2 are DVD’s, and you must install a modchip for either to work).

DVD backups appear a bit easier. Plimo has demonstrated success with Pioneer drives, and I read a thread from Stoner that the Optorite DD0203 will do the job well. Also read that the Plextor PX-504A CANNOT handle LibCrypt.

There you have my Playstation backup induction so far, I still have dues to pay and yearn for my first success. BTW, the guy that installed the modchip for me has some GCE model burner that works fine. Carrumba!

Wrong forum I know but----- I always made frisbees when trying to backup the kids psx games when I used clonecd with the lybcrypt profile and it p*ssed me off no end. There was a post some where here ages ago that suggested using blindread/write using the profile given with scout. I tried that and have backed up every game first time with that. It’s the only time I use blindread cause clone does the rest. Give it a go , another couple of frisbees can’t hurt.

oh-- and one more thing that might help. I could not use blue cds with any game. instant frisbee cause they wouldn’t even boot on our sony. No dramas on a mates older model(2 mod chips) but no go on the 5502.

harryhoo? What burner are having such success with? Have you tried the latest CloneCD( with the LibCrypt profile?

my burner, diamond data 40X16X10(mitsubishi). It’s about 18 months old and has backed-up everything to the sim’s unleashed without any probs(so far, touch wood)----- except for the bloody psx games. And no, I don’t think I have tried it with cause the kids haven’t bought any new games for the ps1,( and I really don’t feel like making any more frisbees for the dog) the last game I backed up was Lilo and Stitch, so figure when that was released and work back to the last update for clonecd and that should give you an idea as to which version was around

If I may please ask for clarification. Here’s what you wrote:

Originally posted by harryhoo
There was a post some where here ages ago that suggested using blindread/write using the profile given with scout. I tried that and have backed up every game first time with that. It’s the only time I use blindread cause clone does the rest.

Are you saying you are burning LibCrypt(PS1) games with BlindSuite or do you mean everything except LibCrypt? It sounds like you HAVE had success and PS1 backups is what this thread is all about!:smiley:

To all: PS1 backups, whatever hardware it takes, whatever software it takes, please share your successes and include both. Thanks!

that’s what it says. Since I started using blindread/write with the libcrypt settings in scout, I have not had any problems backing up ps1 games. Reading: allow alternate reading ( if available)read subcodes( if available), nibble, min and max speed to maximum, save format as cdrwin/ fireburner file.Writing: DOA PW subs, speed 8X( no faster). Works every time for me,

It’s true, using BlindSuite does the trick on almost every single game no matter what it is. I have a LiteOn - 52327S read/burn at max speed every time and have no problems with any game encountered so far, unless I have inadequete data. Like some stuff my friends give me like bin/cue files that don’t take the protection with it. For PC games you use the BWT, BWS, BWA file setting and extract the image then you extract the BWA file after u finish making the image and voila, you have a perfect backup. You can do the same thing for almost anything you are trying to burn, but if you are just making an image for emulator purposes then you might have some trouble, not sure.