Lian Li announces PC-B12, silent ATX chassis



Lian Li announces PC-B12, silent ATX chassis.


Lian Li today announced a ATX supported chassis, the PC-B12.

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They have a couple of cases that have the motherboard tray cut to the edge of the ATX-motherboard sizes, giving a full, wide zone of easy-access. The cutesy little cubby-hole cutouts that hide cables - those are SOOO cute for people who spend their lives looking INSIDE their computer instead of working on them (grrrr) but I like ‘easy access’ to all the working parts instead. This one still makes access to SATA Pedestals (which I dislike anyway) more difficult. “Take out every SATA cable first and THEN swap out the one you need!” Grrr…

I wish they’d give us modular location of the Front Connectors - the USB, Audio, etc plugs. Let customers decide if they want it on top facing upward, or on Left or Right Side, or down at the chin. The case-makers (and LL especially) make this a modular metal block they tack on wherever. Why not let users do that too, and give us a Slot Cover for the locations not used?

And why aren’t they hiring me as their case genius?!!


“Instead of air entering in from the front, two 140mm fans behind the front panel pull in cool air through the 12cm wide (4.7”) intake vent on the bottom of the chassis.” Nice cases, but if they’re placed on the floor, they’ll be sucking in plenty of dust with that intake vent on the bottom. I hope anyone who uses them will remember to open it up frequently to blow the dirt out of it. It could create a worse problem than noise if they don’t.


Ugliest vacuum cleaner I’ve ever seen.


So- do all of us believe we could design The Better Case? My hub’s shop has a few original Compaqs in it - in the original IBM PC case. Vast things. Not just Desktop sized, but Whole Desk size!

If I had any sheet-metal skills at all, I’d have mounted four legs on that cabinet and hinges across the back edge and used it like an old school desk - lift it up like a carhood, crawl inside, change every part and still not have any grease on my elbows! I love those things.

Unfortunately, when I get around blow-torches, metal hole punches and Jaws-Of-Life hydro-presses, I’m usually chasing Hubby around, not playing with computer cases. Wot a shame. He never lets me have any fun.