Lh201ah fails to read px-760a burns



My 201ah fails to read my px-760a burns on yudent002 media (possibly others?). there’s a uncorrectable error of a trt about 1 gig in. lg 4167b, benq d1650 both trt just fine with no slowdowns. bug in firmware (ll06)?


some scans of said media


That’s a classic case of Lite-On’s choking on OPC relinking spikes. It happens with Plextor 755/760 burns (and NEC burns as well). You’ll notice the Lite-On scan fails at the exact position of the 3rd spike. The same would probably happen with other Lite-On models, not just your LH-20A1H.


I think you are right. The 20A1H is too good of a burner/reader for them to have this stupid issue still hanging around. :a


ok just tested with 1635s and 165H6s. both read the disc just fine. ARGH! hopefully someone from liteon graces this forum and fixes this bug. :sad:


new firmware available here LL07 http://www.liteonit.com/DOWNLOADS/ODD/LH-20A1H/firmware/DR20LL07.zip


liteon’s ll07 didn’t work

but I just did another test and my new px760 and 7170a burns trt fine. now to test some more… the only things I’ve changed are updating the nforce sata drivers and using c0deking’s fb/eos ll07 firmware. hope I don’t jinx this newfound luck…


seems like a fickle drive. sigh not consistent results, no more time to test. :sad:


Spikes are what the are: spikes. The reader will pick them up one time and maybe not the next. :wink: