LH18A1P Device Driver

I have purchased and installed the LH18A1P on my windows 2000 SP4 system, but either I have lost it or I had no device driver disk with it.
Without installing it it only sees it as a DVD ROm. I can only find the firmware not the drivers on the liteon site. Can anybody tell me where I can find the driver update program online please

Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

A burner doesn’t need any driver. Windows will install all needed drivers automatically.

Is your drive able to read and write discs?

It is normal for it to read as a rom, Do you mean the firmware flasher when you say drivers?

I’m not sure to understand exactly. Take a look to the picture: it’s how drives are shown in my computer :slight_smile:

The firmware is not a driver. When you install a burner on a computer, windows will install do automatically all necessary steps to make the device functioning. Have you noticed a balloon on the lower right corner saying “New hardware found”?

I installed the firmware from the lite-on site and that went okay. However the manual says it needs its own device driver and these are on the disk (which I didn’t get). The device drivers were installed automatically by windows when I installed the drive. They have date of 1999 on them!,

Don’t worry, as I said Windows will install automatically all needed drivers. And it’s not important if these drivers were developed in 1999: they works correctly :slight_smile:

I just installed Vista64 and my optical devices are asking for drivers, Nero doesn’t see them and yet they read cd’s ok. One of the drivers I need is for this LH18A1P, is how I landed here. I hope one of these windows updates will give Vista64 a few more drivers.