LH model with firmware BL06



I think I have a Lite-on LH 20A but Win 7 only detects “CD ROM” and other software only “CD ROM” firmware BL06. If I didn’t buy the drive and remember it was a Lite-on I’d have no idea what it is. There aren’t any markings on the front that would define it as a Lite-on. There is also no writing speed given, at least using Everest. However, the writing speed is given for the below model.

I just bought another drive, the Lite-on iHSA 424 Y firmware ZLiU. I assume this is really a iHSA424-98 Y, but again, no software will ID it like that. I understand this drive is an Optiarc (Sony) drive.

Can anyone shine some light on the “generic” drive and if you think it is the LH 20A, how does it compare to the new iHSA424? The Optiar4c is smooth. It’s fast and quite too. Seems quality.