Lh h10a only ata33?

my 4160 is ata66 but it shows my h10a is ata33
ata33 is master(h10a) and 4160 is slave.isn;'t ata33 too slow?i have been getting writing lead out errors(cannot write lead out on disc)
is my setup right?i have one ata100 hd on the main channel.
thanks all

I don’t think the leadout issue is related to your setup, but you can try switching master to slave and vice versa, sometimes it helps.

Ultra ATA/33, or UDMA mode 2 transfer rate is 33.3 MB/s in theory, 23-26 MB/s in practice.

This is slightly faster than required for 16x burning [21.6 MB/s] and is sufficient for DVD burner interfaces.

Drive manufacturers like Ultra ATA/33 because it does not require 80-wire IDE cables and reduces the number of problems and returns.

The 4163B, 4165B and 4167B were all UDMA2 (ATA33) drives. So it really isn’t any surprise if the H10A is a UDMA2 drive as well. The 4166B (and possibly the H20L) is a UDMA4 device, probably because of the use of a different chipset.

I am guessing problems with writing the lead out are probably related to the discs you used. What kind of discs were they?

4165B and 4167B are also capable of UDMA 4 transfer mode after upgrading to buffalo firmware.

Correct, but that is with third party firmware. I was referring to standard firmware so as not to confuse jukes.

thanks guys,i just thought my 4160 old drive was ata66 so a new one should have been also.thought maybe problems with my burns.

Nope, as agent009 pointed out ATA33 (UDMA2) should be sufficient for 16x burns.