LH-20A1S Troubles

I recently bought the LH-20A1S for the SATA and burning. The first thing I used it for was playing a game. It worked fine, read the disc and ran. Then I tried to burn an audio CD with Nero 7 Essentials software that came with the drive. I started to burn and it stopped at 6%. The remaining time counted all the way down and it never moved from 6%. Nothing ever happened after that. The time kept counting up and it wouldn’t move off of 6% or give me any kind of error. I tried a different program, Burrrn. With Burrrn I at least got to 100% and then it froze there. I waited forever and it never did finalized or told me the burn was complete, it just sat on 100%. I am using Verbatim CD-Rs. I have tried another drive and it did the same thing. This one was a Lite On SATA drive as well, not the same model though. I don’t know what the problem is.

I had a slow problem and freezing with the same burner I have a via chipset board and upgraded the vie hyperion drivers and now getting full speed. I thought I had bought a lemon as it would only burn at two speed

Just to add something to the thread. I haven’t noticed any problems with freezing yet but I haven’t tried to burn any CDs yet. I’ve just tested some Taiyo T03. No problems here but that’s not a big surprise, is it? :slight_smile: But it looks like I have a different problem with the very same drive. It doesn’t recognize my DVD+R DL media. I upgraded the firmware to the one from LiteOn webpage that is suppossed to support more media (ver. 9L05). The drive just tries to access the disc it takes forever and nothing happens. I know that this is crap cheap media (RICOHJPN D01 rev.002) but it’s not about the burn quality. The drive simply can’t access a disc whereas my laptop’s NEC doesn’t have any problems even with burning this media.
Any ideas? Do you think a modified firmware will help? Are there any other ways to fix it?
Thank’s a lot for your help.

I have the same problem with LH-20A1P. I just can not write Audio CDs "Verbatim CD-R for Music Live It. My old Nec 3520 writes that kind of CDs very well.
Does anybody know what’s the matter.

I started a seperate thread for this problem but just wanted to mention it here as well. The drive only records my TY T03 @ maximum 8x speed. I have no idea what’s wrong. :doh:

All fixed thank’s to C0deKing and his 9L05 FB EOS firmware.
:bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow:
Great stuff. Thank’s a lot.
BTW, 12x burn took only 6.22min. Lovely.

Is there such firmware for LH-20A1P that resolves the problem with audio CDs?

I tried to get new firmware from the site, but they have 9L02 and I need 9L03.