LH-20A1S : redbook, digital audio via CD


Yesterday I noticed

event ID 10
the drive has not been shown to support digital audio playback

in the event viewer at system boot. I’m on XP, LH-20A1S (firmware 9L03) is connected to M2N-SLI (nforce 570 SLI) via SATA. Digital audio playback is enabled in the device property in Control Panel.

I put an audio CD on it and it played on Winamp fine, but I noticed the DirectSound output plug-in is not working. However if I put a CD on another CD drive which is connected via IDE, the DS plugin shows it’s working.

Is there any way to fix this or does it pertain to SATA?

Have the same problem with my LH-20A1H but only since I updated the firmware to LL0A