LH-20A1S Nero simultaneous burn error

My new Lite-On appears to work fine, except when trying to burn multiple copies with Nero “Use multiple recorders”.

Nero error:

DMA-driver error, CRC error

The other drive is a Samsung 203B. No apparant error is device manager ide and drive properties. As mentioned, when used individually drives works perfectly with amazing burn quality and full speeds.

Any ideas?

Are you using Nero Express or the full version of Nero? If you are using Nero Express it
does not allow using multiple recorders at the same time only the full version of Nero
will allow you to use more than one burner at the same time. If you do have the full
version installed then you may have to check and see if the Use multiple recorders has
a check mark in the box to enable it. :wink:

Yes, full version, all enabled.