LH-20A1S help needed

I’ve just installed a Lite-On LH-20A1S with the main purpose of scanning my burns to check the jitter. The firmware I’m using is the latest C0deKing’s 9L08 (FBL, EOS, EOHT). The problem is that CD-DVDspeed doesn’t display the jitter. Any help on this matter would be much appreciated. :bow:

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Click on the Advanced button & check the Jitter(DVD) box. Then click on the OK button.
The jitter will then be tested by a second scan.
So first scan for everything but Jitter, followed by 2nd scan (automatically) to measure jitter. :bigsmile:

[B]zebadee[/B] thanks a lot for your quick and well documented reply.:cool: Now I can give my Benq 1640 some well deserved rest.:smiley:

Hi :slight_smile:
You’re welcome… :iagree: :cool: