LH-20a1s freezes during burn

I just got this drive today and have attempted to burn some verbatim dvds with it. It freezes at random spots during the burn and will stay that way for awhile and then finish the burn. The files are corrupted afterwards though. I never had a problem with the dvds on my other burner. I managed to get one dvd to burn correctly without incident. But I tried the exact same thing again and it froze.

I had disabled smart burn and set nero to determine the writing speed. It’s a Sata drive.

Does anybody got any ideas.


No info about your system. MB, ram, etc.

I have an asus p5rd1-v motherboard, 1 gig of ddr400, 2600 xt ati video card, intel p4 3ghz cpu, two SATA western digital harddrives (500gb, 320gb) I’m using windows xp pro

380 watt psu

I’m using nero 7

I am assuming that these files play fine on the computer, so in order to take Nero out of the equation, try ImgBurn. Remembering the general rule of thumb is to burn at half the rated speed of the blanks, for example 16X burn @8X. You could also post a Nero burn log into a reply post here.


Seems to work when I limit the burn speed. If I leave it up to nero or smartburn then I get bad discs. What I don’t understand is why nero dosn’t give some kind of error whle burning.

Well its still doing it even after complete uninstallation of nero and firmware flash. Alcahol actually gave me an error message while simulating a burn.

"WRITE ERROR LBA: 1673280, Length: 32

Did you have alcohol and nero installed together?

No. I uninstalled nero and then used the nero cleaner tool from their official site. I then flashed the firmware to the newest version and then restarted windows. I installed Alcohol and then attempted to simulate a burn.

I also lose control of the disc drive after a failed burn or simulation. It won’t respond when ejecting it through windows nor will it eject when pressing the button. The drive will not stop spinning either. Even with the use of the nero drivespeed tools.