LH-20A1S can't remember the Book Type setting



I can set the LH-20A1S v9L03 Book Type to DVD-Rom in CDSpeed 4.7.5, but can’t set it to default or save the setting to LH-20A1S. After reboot the PC, LH-20A1S will forget my setting, I must set the Book Type to DVD-Rom again, any suggest?


You will need to burn a disc after you have changed booktype settings so it will store this change in the EEPROM :wink:
Some apps can change the EEPROM directly (ImgBurn can, IIRC). :slight_smile:


This is a well documented and very old problem with Liteon drives, going back to the 411. The Liteon bitsetting tool actually works and sets the drive for auto bitsetting. The problem is that every program I have used to see the setting will not report correctly. If you look at your burned discs, you should see that they are bitset correctly.