LH-20A1S and 1ECC/8ECC question



Since LITEON went through different kind of quality scan features/methods (8ECC>1ECC, no jitter>jitter), and since the DH-20A3S is not available in Germany, I at least would like to know about LH-20A1S quality scan features/methods:

Afaik the LH-20A1S in combination with CDDVDSpeed scans 1ECC for PIFs, right? Now can it (reliably) scan 8ECC for PIEs with CDDVDSpeed as well? Or can it really only scan 1ECC for PIEs? How does the CDDVDSpeed 1ECC/8ECC menu look like, is it active or greyed out?


OK, I have my answers from other threads now. As [B]DrageMester[/B] explained, the LH-20A1S (most probably, since the LH-20A1P does) always scans at 1ECC. And DVDSpeed can’t do what KProbe can, namely to sum 1ECC scans to 8ECC results. The DVDSpeed 1ECC/8ECC menu is simply greyed-out when an LH-20A1S is selected.