LH-20A1S, 9L02 vs. 9L08

I purchased one of these drives last month and it has been great, that is with the original 9L02 firmware. To explain further, the other day I updated to 9L08 and the burns haven’t been that great. I use Verbatim MCC 004 and I’ve gotten some strange results with the updated firmware. Simply speaking, scanning the burnt discs reveals a huge spike of both PIE and PIF at the very start of the disc. I also scanned a disc that was burnt with 9L02 and it was fine (I’ve read about some drives having a bug in which a spike of errors at the beginning of a disc).

I realize that these scans should be taken with a grain of salt, but what bothers me is that things aren’t consistent (9L02 burns vs. 9L08 burns). Anyways, I downgraded back to 9L02 (thanks to Codeking’s site for listing it) and everything is fine, as before.

So, has anyone encountered such problems with 9L08?

You can see the last page of this thread:


for examples.