LH-20A1P won't burn any faster then 8x anymore!

Hi, guys, i recently tried the benq dw 2000 firmware on my liteon 20A1P and since then i can’t get it to burn over 8x speed even if i choose maximum. I went back to the liteon firmware but still same thing. UDMA is 4 and burst rate also seems to be fine, i tried uninstalling the secondary ide controller, also uninstalled qsuite but still no go. My verbatims from the same spindle that used to burn at maximum 18x speed with overspeed selected now only max out at 8x. So, today i went out and bought another 20A1P and still the same thing. This is crazy. I’m sure it’s not the drive but maybe installing qsuite might of did this? I don’t know, i really don’t know what else to try at this point which might fix the problem. Please help.

Hi Sonny. Did you restore original Eeprom?

Hi, rolling56, i also restored original eeprom and also changed the ide cable to a brand new one. This behaviour is also affecting the new drive too which was never crossflashed to the benq firmware. This is just wierd.

That’s to weird. I crossflashed same drive and burned 1 test disc and got an error with Nero Speed. Then flashed back to KL0M eb-eos and burned a 12X TY02 and had no problems…To weird.

Something really weird going on with new 20X burners :


yeah i’ve been reading your thread.

It is not bashing LiteOn or anything and most remember how happy I was with my 20A1P .
The problem is that these new models opened a new era of “weird” DVD burners’ problems :bigsmile:
I would not be angry if I killed my drive in a flash , dropped it by accident or even smashed it with a hammer , I am angry because I (and others here too) do not know what the probles are , are they firmware bugs ? chipset bugs ? quality control problems ? or the new 20X burners are just haunted by ghosts :doh:

Oh i know. I had a hell of a time setting my 20A1P up at 1st. Most temperamental drive i ever owned.

In what way, rolling?

It took me 3 IDE cables (flat) to get it to work properly. I was about to give up so i took it to a friends house and it worked fine in his so i just kept at it until i got it to work like it should. All my other drives were plug and play. Now i have my 20A1P on a round cable connected to a PCI/IDE card set to master and it works fine :confused: :bigsmile:

Wow. Well at least you got it working in the end :bigsmile:

Well that was in my older pc. Now it’s setup like i said in my other post in my new rig. Just seemed hard to get it to run properly than my other drives.

Yeah it’s running fine now :slight_smile:

What kind of problems did it give you at first ?

SonnyUnlocker, do you have a screenshot/graph of how the burner will maxed out on 8X of burning?

Well, i flashed the drive with the original backup of eeprom and firmware a few times in this sequence, eeprom, firmware (update bootcode checked), eeprom. Then rebooted and did the same thing again, did this again. Then i updated to the latest KL0M firmware and seems like the problem went away.

If your asking me it’s here.

Let us know how it goes from now on. Glad you got it working.

Glad you got it sorted, though it’s a shame you had to go through all that to get higher burn speeds.