LH-20A1P: spikes of PIF/PIE at the start of the disc

The scan I post here is an example of the problem: in the first part of the DVDs I very ofte get an high amount of errors. The scan refers to a 16x burn (4x effective due to usb bus constraints), but I got the same problem with Infiniti dvds and with higher speed burns (16x burn that switched to 8x at about half disc).

The spike is not always so “small”! I get also 50 PIF and 500 PIE, even if they quickly go down to the usual <5 PIF and <50 PIE.

The firmware is KL0N, I made tests with OHT, FHT on and off, then I settled on OHT on and FHT off, since I get the best quality (or, at least, never a quality decrease).

In all the posts here, I made two scans of the same dvd: 4x and 16x. In the following posts, you see the results of 3 different test dvds, so 6 scans.

Oh, I forgot to write that the ECC interval is quite high, 3-5, due to the external usb case and to CDSpeed executed under Virtual PC: I have an iBook G4.

Could someone port CDSpeed to Mac OS X? :-))

Other scans (please note: I often changed the visualisation scale, ALWAYS refer to the data and not only to the graphs).
Always 4x burns :-((, I am not sure about OHT/FHT, but it clearly doesn’t matter.
My hypothesis is also that that the high ECC interval makes the scan not reliable, but I would like to read your opinions.

I had this issue with the SATA version of the drive (LH-20A1S) after updating its firmware to the latest version. See this: http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=225276

Is KL0N the latest firmware revision?


Yes, it is.

Try to do a TRT (Transfer Rate Test) from the benchmark tab for a few seconds so that the drive would spin up properly , then immediately start the 16X scan , the spike would go away :slight_smile:

Oh, thank you very much! I will try.