LH-20A1P - slower burn speeds with audio CDs


Just wanted to ask if there is way to get slower burn speeds while burning audio CDs? My model gives 16x only as minimum burning speed that I found inappropriate for audio CDs?

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I burn audio CDs at 16x all the time, as do a lot of other members here.

No problems whatsoever, as long as good media is used.

I have some Verbatim Super Azo MII CD’s that only burn good at 8X with my Plextor Premium 2 but that’s being really picky with quality scans.

As Arachne says a lot of us burn CD’s at 16X.

I’ve gotten 8x on certain discs…probably discs for music use that are rated for lower speeds. Frankly, 16x is fine for me with these drives while burning audio CDs [but then again, I’m not quite an audiophile, but I don’t detect anything wrong when I play them back].

But to answer your question, I don’t think there’s much of a way to force a lower speed than what’s offered, short of buying slower discs or an extremely old drive [or a true Plextor].

EDIT: I have some recent Sony data discs with the Sony ATIP that only offer 8x and 16x, rated for 48x. (Other firmwares offered 24x and 32x). Memorex 40x rated music discs with the CMC ATIP only offer 16x to 32x. It’s more of a pick and choose, and I believe that it is more of a limitation of the drive+media that decides whether or not you get lower speeds.

[I say this because of about 5 DVD writers in my arsenal that support 48x, only one supports the media at above 32x, and this is an older LiteOn 1693S. That’s about the last drive that supported a wide range of speeds on most discs for me. The later series dropped higher speed support for this media, but kept low speed support.]

The main reason I would like to burn slower than 16X is to make more compatible audio discs that will be able to play in various audio players. And that is 8x.

The other thing why I would like to burn at 8X is because of possibility to burn two discs at the same time - and that is impossible @ 16X.

Basically you need to find a sweet spot for your burner(s) and media(s). Try them at different speeds and do some home quality scanning to see what speed works best with each brand of discs you have and all your burners. That’s what i do when i get a new drive or a new old drive. My recent new old drives are my Plextor 760A,Plextor Premium, and Plextor Premium 2.

Then when you go to burn whatever media you know what speed and which burner to use.

I’ve known audio discs burned at 16x to play on really picky car players, using Verbatim/Taiyo Yuden media. I guess the difference is they’ve been burned one disc at a time.

As has been said another media brand may offer you slower speeds.

I agree with ther others - either try out different brands to see if one offers you 8x, or maybe try a different drive.

My LG E10N external drive offers me as low as 4x on Sony branded Taiyo Yuden Music discs and Maxell branded Ritek discs.

My Optiarc AD-5170S offers me 8x on the Sony TY and Maxell discs mentioned above.

It is interesting to emphasize that LG drives often can offer lower burning speeds for audio. But I’ve had so many issues with LG drives that finally I gave up, and bought LiteON.